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    If you wanna do a lot weird in not a lotta space, this is the place. I play bass and I trended towards more bass specific pedals. The mix knob works wonders here and it even tracks well with a low B. I found myself only using chorus, so I switched to a dedicated chorus pedal.

    Includes the box but not the "swag".

    160 shipped / 145 local - I'm in Bushwick, Brooklyn (aka King County), New York City, New York, USA, etc.

    Trades interests (+/- cash): Earthquaker Lillian and Julia (V2 or Julianna), KMA Cirrus, octave pedals (Boss OC-5, mxr bass octave, EBS, Aguilar, etc.), Hi-mass bass bridge. Offer me something, worst i say is no.

    From OBNE:

    Inspired by the unique complexities of running modulations in parallel, Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils the Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator. With three different primary modulation options (tremolo, chorus, and phaser) and two parallel secondary modulation options (tremolo and chorus), Visitor immediately inspires new sounds in a single pedal format. Further strangeness occurs with the delay offset of the secondary modulation and the interaction of the secondary rate and the primary depth.

    Visitor features:

    Primary modulation switchable between tremolo, chorus, and phaser
    Secondary modulation switchable between tremolo and chorus
    Rate and Depth controls for primary modulation
    Secondary knob to simultaneously control depth, rate, and delay offset of secondary modulation
    Regen control for master feedback
    Master mix control
    Expression control over Secondary knob
    Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

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