OBP-3 in Jazz Bass.

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  1. Hi fellow TB'ers.
    I've just ordered an Aguilar OBP-3 pre with Stack bass/Treble to customize my Geddy Lee.

    I already drill a new jack location on the body side because the bass is equipped with Villex pups so I needed the 4th hole of the control plate to put the mid pot .

    If I run the pre with 9V, do you think it will fit the existing cavity without doing any other routings??

    Edit: If you have an OBP-1 which is(I think?) the same size, your advice is welcome too!

    Thanks for your input
  2. If the size of the cavity in the Geddy Lee is comparable to the one in the Roscoe Beck signature,
    you can pretty much forget about it IMO. Minimum number of pots are three, volume, bass/treble, + mid.

    Even if the OBP-3 is tiny by itself, there are a LOT of freaking wires coming out of it (15+) that needs to be
    there as well, even if you can fit the battery its going to be a mess everytime you need to change it.

    I orginally did not want to cut a battery hole in my RB but once I got all the parts there was no way around it
    and now the hole has been caved (Im actually picking up the bass from the builder tomorrow :) )

    My bass is a user and I don't have a huge problem modifying it as long as its done proper, thats why
    I had a builder do it, I did experiment a little on sample wood with a Dremel with router adapter,
    no way in H... was that thing coming near my bass though... got to know your limits.

    www.allparts.com has a stacked pot, 250k/500k which works great for me for Volume/Tone,
    I think it has added some very high end treble, probably from going 250 to 500 on the tone pot.
    (preserving passive tone control)

    From Aguilar you can get a 50k pot with push/pull switch for switching the midrange.

    With that you would be able to get Volume/Tone stacked, Bass/Treble stacked and Mid/push-pull range,
    Thats what I have and its working great for me + only 3 knob towers, those stacked looks
    great with the vintage black/chrome knobs :)

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    There is no way an OBP-1 or OBP3 will fit in the cavity of a J bass without routing.
    1. Neither one nor two 9 volt batteries will fit in the cavity.
    2. The cavity may need a little routing to get the preamp module to fit properly
    3. As it's been said, there's a lot of wires that come out of the OBP

    Sorry to say, if you want and OBP in there, you're gonna have to cut.
  4. Thanks Jive & Hamder,
    To clarify, I ordered an Obp-3 pre with 2 vol; 1 stacked bass/treble; 1mid pot(push/pull 400/800hz) all that stuff for a 4 holes control plate(jack on body side), so everything's oK humm ...at least I think:rolleyes:

    Anyway, I remember I could put the 9V battery in the Geddy's stock cavity running an EMG J set(former pups set) but I can't remember if there where room enough for the Aggie Pre so that's why I'm asking for advice.:help:

    Routing is not a problem, as I'll have everything to do it soon(with the good advice guy).

    I figure I'll have to rout a two(dig in!!!)9Vbattery Space + a cavity for the pre, the existing cavity must be enough for the crazy wiring... at least I hope.

    More input about converting a passive Jazz to an active one are welcome.:hyper:

    Thank you for reading this topic, may it help others.:cool:
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    you're planning on having two mid pots? The villex and the aguilar?
  6. FTR
    In my RB I was able to fit the amp and wiring in the cavity, just the battery that didn't fit.
    Its really tight but then the RB also has a fairly busy cavity in the first place with 2 * pots, 2* mini switches
    and a 3 pole switch + wiring

  7. No, only the Aggie.
  8. An interesting way to deal with this is to rear-rout a cavity behind the normal front rout. Nothing changes on the front and you get a single coverplate on the back. You can keep it at a moderate size and have plenty of room for the OBP-3 and a few 9v.
  9. David Wilson

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    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    Have you used villex pickups before? I ask because I've found the villex mid control to be so natural and musical sounding that I'd personally only use a 2 band preamp with them and use the passive mid control that comes with the pickups.
  10. I've used the villex pups with mid control for 2 years or so. That's a great system but I've found myself to be a "mid" guy, I like to slightly boost them instead of scoop them.
    I just want to give the bass a bit more EQ possibility .
    Moreover I bought used Villex pups for another project but there were only the pups, no pots... So i'll use the Villex system with these .
  11. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    fyi, Mr Villex told me that the mid control really isn't a roll off like a standard tone control - at maximum there is mid boost being applied.