obp-3 variable mid frequency

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  1. so i gonna be wiring my bass, which already has the obp-3 installed, with a variable mid frequency control. i got a couple of questions. first, in the wiring diagrams on aguilars website they say to use a dual 500k linear taper pot. would i be able to use a audio taper pot there? and what would the difference be in that situation? also i was gonna set the low mid frequency to 200hz, so i could sweep it from to 200 to 800hz, does anybody think any problems can come out of that?
  2. Hi... I'm just gonna try and help you out and, in case I'm wrong, I'm open for correction by anyone who knows better.

    First of all, I presume you refer to this guide, last page, bottom Diagram. ("Continuously variable between Mid_low (400 Hz) and Mid_high (800 Hz). Replace the switch with dual 500k linear taper pot: Option #8..."). Right?

    Yes, you would be able to use an audio taper pot there. The difference would be that, as the audio pot is non-linear but logarithmic, you wouldn't get a a nice, smooth mid frequency sweep across the spectrum of frequencies, but instead, as you turn the pot steadily to get to a specific frequency, you would scan constantly faster (or slower) which would make it terribly more difficult to get to a specific frequency you like.

    I hope you will be able to understand the difference and I also hope I'm correct... :ninja:

    I'm still thinking about the thing with the 200Hz, though. if I come up with any reason not to try it, i'll inform you... ;)

  3. cool thanks man. ya i knew that the log taper pot would do somethin weird. i just cant find any linear taper anywhere, which is bull. any help on that would be nice too.
  4. Hi again...

    Unfortunately I was able to only come up with this:
    POT500KDUAL - 500K Dual Linear Taper Pot - $0.90

    I hope this might be helpful.

    As for the 200Hz thing, I looked at the manual and I don't think there should be any problems... In someway they even propose to you to experiment on that. :bassist::ninja: