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  1. Will be in maryland next week. Mostly ocean city and cambridge area. Any good music stores up there? Both for electric and upright? Anyone playing out up there from the 19th through 27th ?
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    I was there several years ago......

    All I can tell you is that you'll want to eat blue crabs for every meal.
  3. None that I know of. Cover bands a plenty if you're looking for that (pretty much any larger hotel has one in the lounge, Seacrets or Purple Moose for the more known cover bands). I believe original music is illegal in that town....
  4. I love the food up there. I have alot of family in Cambridge. Went twice a year for 18 years. But this is my first time back in almost 10 years. None of my family up there plays so I figure I would ask here.
  5. I'm playing but about 2.5 hrs away. Nothing good in the way of music stores. The Bottle & Cork in Dewey beach, just north, is the best music venue in that area.

    Be forewarned - The Boardwalk in Ocean City is now largely a white trash spectacle. That said, it's great people watching for a day. Be sure to hit the Zipper ride - sketchy rusted carnival type ride that is perhaps the greatest ever created. Get Thrasher's fries and put malt vinegar on them. Get a Kohr Bros twist cone.

    Definitely venture just north to the other beach stops. Fenwick Island is much less crowded. Next is Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, and Rehobeth. Dewey is absolute college party insanity this time of year. It is also where Bottle & Cork is. The Starboard is a huge college scene. Bethany is super mellow, almost to a fault. Rehobeth is my favorite as it is the second largest after OC, it has a minor boardwalk, is not sketchy/trashy like OC, and has a Dogfish Brew pub. It also has some great restaurants and shops, and cheap kid's rides.

    For very small beach crowds go just south of OC to Assateague Island. This is where the wild horses are. Bring DEET, you'll need it. Ticks and mosquitos are out of control once off the beach and over the dunes.

    That's a rough sketch.
  6. Do they still have that ride mouse trap? I use to love that! And definitely getting fries, dollys popcorn, taffy, dumsters ice cream and I will probably get my fresh steamed crab in Cambridge!

    Also what kind of music do you do? When and where?
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    Ocean City is an island that should fall into the Atlantic. Its over crowded, smells of white trash and underage drinking frat boys. It should be avoided at all costs, like Herpes.
  8. I remember Mouse Trap but I think that's gone. I precision strike OC for nostalgia's sake for like three things and then run back north to the other beaches.

    I play on the 19th at Jellyfish Joel's on the water and in the sand (my gear hates me) from 2-7. That band is all over the place depending on our mood and the clientele's reaction. We played a 7 hour gig (!) there on July 6th and covered everything from Johnny Cash to Paul Simon to Dire Straits to Bob Marley to Black Keys to Grateful Dead to Van Morrison to Sly to Stevie Wonder to...you get the idea.

    The 20th I'm in Frederick with a Funk/Disco/Dance band at the Frederick Summer Concert Series. That would be a very long haul and we have a sub guitarist for the gig.

    Oh yeah, and it's Dumser's ice cream, not Dumpster's.:D
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    No music stores, but +100000000000000000000000000000000 to Thrashers.
  10. Hate to hear the place has gone to ****. I have great memories there! Chose to stay there for my kids instead of Cambridge where all my family is.

    Also seems I have my dates a little messed up we are driving there on the 19th. So I would miss that show. Although sounds like you have a interesting band!!!

    And thanks for the correction on the ice cream shop. Its been 10 years! Lol
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  12. No worries, your kids will love the place. Kids aren't as jaded and judgemental about these things.
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    I should add that I am biased because I have to deal with all the morons who drive there on Route 50 every Friday and basically shutdown the highway.

    I don't mind ocean city in the off season but during summer, it's a hole that's just not worth the drive. In the time it takes to get there I can be at my beach house in NC.
  14. Me too. I actually started taking my boat to eastern shore beach/tiki gigs to bypass rt50 and the bridge. Nothing like loading into a gig from a boat!