octave effect for a wing bass

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  1. I'm building a wing bass, it's tuned an octave higher than a regular bass and I want a pedal I can use to drop it an octave. I want to use my looper pedal to record a bass line, then play over that. I am considering a whammy pedal and I see they come in both guitar and bass options, but I've never played either - would the bass one be better for this application?

    I know there are other octave pedals out there, but I think the "whammy" aspect would be fun at times as well. The "real" Wing bass folks embed a Pog in the instrument, but I'm not sure I want to commit to it that hard yet.
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    I just bought a whammy, cheers. I don't think this is the best application for that pedal. I think your best bet is Digitech Drop, EHX Pitchfork, or one of their POG variations. The bass and guitar whammy are pretty much the same voicing, but the Bass Whammy has more variations/options... it's just more about the whammy and harmonizer than octaving/drop tuning. Hopefully that gives you some more options to think about and a better idea of what will work for you.
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    The Nano POG was the best option after trying dozens of the most popular sub-octave pedals out there. It sounds the most natural (almost an upright-ish sort of tone), it tracks the best, and it's polyphonic to boot. We won't use anything else.