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  1. I currently run a Jackson JS3 with a Boss bass overdrive (think its the ODB3) into a TC Electronics head. I also have a Dunlop bass wah pedal, as well as a Boss EQ, however, neither get as much use, which may change once I start actively writing other types of music, which i plan to do.

    I have been thinking about adding an octave pedal into the mix, preferably to run an octave higher, however, I worry that the octave tracking will get off when the gain is thrown in the mix.

    Anyone have experience running octave pedals along with a medium to heavy distortion? Also any recommendations? I am one of those types that dig Boss petals, however, am open to all suggestions.
  2. bass.bert


    Dec 27, 2009
    Just analog octave pedals do "track" your pitch, digital ones are more or less real time samplers with pitch shifting. I don't know of any clean analog octave up, there are just octave up fuzzes and stuff like the ring stinger circuit.

    So, don't worry. In my opinion digital octave pedals (pog, whammy, pitchfactor,...) sound better with some distortion afterwards - it can mask the digital character a little bit.

    I use an ehx ring thing for digital octave up but do not like it for faster lines. The attack is altered too much (because of the sampling latency), so i use it mostly for sweeps or longer notes.
  3. Awesome, thank you for the info and the advise. I primarily play heavier punk rock but have been wanting to get a sludge band going which I want to use more of the effects for, as I want the bass to be quite prominent.

    If most octave notes have a fuzz effect on them, might come out sounding pretty great with added overdrive in the mix pushing it further. Going to have to track one down locally and test it out to see how I like the sound.
  4. Mike Kerr in Royal Blood is an excellent example of octave up + dirt on bass. Check out their stuff if you aren't familiar with it already. He uses the EHX POG family of effects, but the new TC Sub'n'up also seems promising.
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  5. Blaargh


    Apr 4, 2016
    I use a Digitech Bass Whammy, it's great. No noticeable tracking issues and it sounds beastly- I normally just run it into a fuzz, but I've tried putting a Digitech Bad Monkey OD (I need a proper bass OD not built into my fuzz) and it gets pretty mental. The Whammy can also do a lot of other cool tricks like 5th harmonies, which sound absolutely brutal with a lot of distortion. I don't like the sound of it on its own, it sounds very obviously synthetic, but putting pretty much any effect afterwards masks it well (I also use chorus and reverb, sounds amazing).

    EHX POGs and Digitech Whammies both track great, I wouldn't worry about them. I'm not sure about others like the OC-2/3 or the Sub 'n' Up, might be worth investigating. Personally I'd recommend the Whammy because it can do a load of cool stuff besides octaving, but I intend to get a POG as well at some point.
  6. Awesome, thank you both. Ill do some research and testing on each of em and will give Royal Blood a good listen to.
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    Mike Kerr (as @blindrabbit mentioned) uses a POG2 and a couple of BOSS PS-6s. The Whammy is pretty good from what I hear (I've only used the guitar one, not the bass one), and some people around here also like the EHX Pitchfork, which is kind of like a smaller Whammy.
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    Foxrox octron is analog and will cover clean octave down as well as fuzzy octave up.

    I have a pitchfork too, both are great but very different types of sounds.
  9. Good stuff, Ill add them to the list to check out. Thank you!
  10. Everybody always mentions Kerr, nobody remembers to mention Jesse Keeler...

    For a POG-like mini pedal, check out the Mooer Tender Octaver.