Octave Up Fuzz for Note Doubling and Guitar "Sim"?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Nyarlathotep, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I honestly think that Line 6 just models EVERYTHING of the original. Sound, bad tracking. Heheh :D

    Im pretty sure I got the GT after I started this thread. I actually like the GT-10Bs guitar sims, both the EZTone and the 2 presets. Unfortunately its not just FX(pitch shift)->Guitar Amp, but a whole other slew of effects as well. Reverb, delay, EQ, pretty much all the effects modules get used somehow so it's not like you can use the GT for much else if you use it for sim. You can still use it like the Unibass if you wanted. Just set the channel type to A/B=L/R, stick all the stuff in one channel (including volume) and nothing in the other. Have the chan split at the very beginning and your effects after the output that you have nothing in.

    Still pretty expensive for that option tho LOL

    Like I've said before, I like the way my fuzzes break up on the low notes, its just that I don't want any bass in them. The anti bass EQing option has worked out quite well, and I just use the pitch shift to fake some octave chords.

    As far as why I would kill the bass on the fuzzes only to mix it in again when I could just turn off the EQ on the GT-10B: I have 2 Ernie Ball Volume Jr's on the way. With these I will be able to fade in either the bass side, "guitar" side, or even both (since they will be right side-by-side). Something I could not do with just the GT and the EQ with everything else that I want exp control over.
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