Ocus Pocus

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  1. In Ocus Pocus by Jaco, after the G#-B then the tab i have says it is a trill, E-F. but i was listening to it and it sounds more like a double stop. does anyone know what the double stop is. i had an idea it might be E/D slide to F/D#.
  2. Agent000


    Jan 23, 2005
    In "The Essential Jaco Pastorius" it shows them as double stops. Usually it is E+F (10th fret G and 14th fret D string), but he also does some C+A slide up to D+B (15th fret A and 14th fret G, then slide up a whole step). Plus a lot of other stuff for varation. It just sounds kind of like a trill because of all the disonance, which is awesome.