odd crackling in my rack system...

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  1. Hey just me wandering over from Setup, i figured i move so many threads over here, i might as well start one myself! ;)

    Well anywho my question. I have built myself a 100 watt (into 4 ohms) power amp in a 2U rack, and a 2 channel preamp in another 2U rack case. I just started using it more regularly two days ago, and last night when i turned them one there was a horrible crackling noise coming out of the speakers, as if DC were present at the output.

    I don't have these cases in a road case so they sit on top of each other. In the power amp is the main power transformer and a smaller transformer to drive the fan etc. Then obviously another transformer in the preamp case.

    The odd thing is tho, i put the preamp on the floor, switched it all on and no crackling. Only when they sit ontop of each other. I checked my earthing and all is sound. Any suggestions?? I was thinking maybe it was the resonating from the transformers. eh i have no idea. And there is no dry joints either.


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  3. Thats a good idea, pity they're only available in America. But i may be able to work with something along those ideas. Thanx for replying.