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Odd gig tonight

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by heroincredible, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. So tonight my band played at a Battle of the Bands(the host really likes us so he keeps bringing us back, or giving us spots in the 'playoffs' even though we just go to play music). ANyways, first band up...a cover band. They were decent, I am still trying to comprehend why a cover band is at a battle of the bands type thing, but whatever. Got the crowd pretty riled up.

    A little too riled up. Two dudes got peppersprayed but some girl and/or guy(her boyfriend, or just some dude out looking to hurt people). My friend and I get some chairs(it was really packed), sit down...cough a little bit. Become proud over our victory at having acquired chairs...cough some more. Sing some Queen(We Are the Champions)...cough a lot more. Remark on how everyone is coughing. Realise we are breathing in pepperspray, and come to the conclusion that the mass exodus that occured moments ago was due to everyone going outside. We also exit...see one of the dudes who got it ALL in the eyes...me and my drummer try to help him(hes drunk so not co-operating). Cops come, helicopter comes trying to find the guy who did it.

    Anyways, the other guy who got peppersprayed starts trying to start stuff with everybody, almost started a fight with me. Couple minutes later we see him walking away somewhere and a girl is trying to stop him but hes getting a bit violent, we all(bout 9 of us) start making our way towards them. He leaves her alone, she says everything is ok. Talked to some of the cops. Most importantly, the show went on...and we started at about 1am(we were originally supposed to play at roughly 11-11:30). Had fun, but my ability to rock was totally shattered after the pepperspray incident. Luckily I didn't make glaring mistakes(our drummer prematurely ended a song but we caught on quick and some of his fills just totally threw me out of whack but I kept going), but the whole thing was a daze.

    Anyways, that was too long and had no point, just had to get it out.
  2. maladroit


    Jan 2, 2006
    well thats a pretty crasy night id say. damn none of my gigs are ever that intense
  3. Declare a drinking contest mid-gig and hand out pepperspray to the lucky winner...:bag:

  4. id played a gig calles libraries are loud it was in a library funnily enough and there was a group of people outside who got there to late and mid gig people were passing joints through slit in the doors (this was a non smoking venue) and after the show i took my bass and pedals out to the car through a big underground thing and went to go back for my rig when i was denied access to the building and everyone else in the band had left (the guitarist with his new girlriend) so i had my amp impounded but luckily enough a group of the stoned people who couldnt get in broke open a door so i sliped in and grabed my rig
    any way that was o where near as hectic as yours
  5. the libraries are loud thing was an ongoing thing so if anyone else played at one say hello
  6. thekyle


    Dec 25, 2005
    Breckenridge, CO

    Wow. You have a firm grasp on stream-of-concsicousness.