Odd Markbass combo found in the heap...

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  1. Hey guys,

    Popped into my local (and only) music shop here in North Saskatchewan, and I was quite shocked to find a MarkBass unit shoved in the back, obscured by the Fender and Marshall cabinets. I checked the MarkBass web page, and couldn't find any info on this rig. I didn't think to snap photographs at the time.

    Anyways. It's a MarkBass 1x15 combo. The 'amp' portion is labeled 'LittleMark' with no other distinguishing numbers. It looks similar to the LMII on the MarkBass webpage, but the XLR out and other stuff you normally find on the back is in a row on top of the EQ knobs. Also, the speaker cone is black, not the yellowish-orange on most MarkBass stuff you see these days.

    Anyone familiar with the unit I describe, and can offer an opinion? The combo looks pretty heavy, and it's brand new, without a mark on it. It's priced at 1400 CDN, which the owner might haggle over, as the one employee I asked about the combo didn't even know the store had the unit in stock.
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    Dec 22, 2004
    Sounds like the Jeff Berlin combo which is an LMIII mounted in a 115 cab with no horn. Its light as a feather and has a very warm tone with muted high end. I was actually quite impressed with the tone. it would be a fretless player's dream. The price is a little hard to swallow but it would be a killer rig if you like tweeterless cabs which many do.
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    probably just an early version of the 151p combo. 1400 cdn seems pretty expensive, but i've heard the older ones are pretty nice, too.
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    Hi there,

    That's a combo from the Markbass series before the current lineup, which was released in 2005. So the combo you found is probably from 2003 or 2004, and includes the original Little Mark head, the predecessor to the Little Mark II.
    Basically it's the earlier version of the Mini CMD 151P.
    There were much fewer of these produced than the current products, so they're a bit of a collectors item.
    It is heavier than the current lineup, because the head doesn't have a switching mode power supply.
    If you want an owner's manual for this, send me a PM, I can probably dig one up somewhere.

  5. Thanks for the reply, Peter!

    I was going to say, I looked at MarkBass' website and couldn't find anything that seemed to match this little combo. Then, I dug a little deeper, and noticed some combos in the photographs dating from around 2007 and earlier that look very similar. Taller cabinet, the amp facing is solid yellow, etc.

    It's unlikely that this item will go anywhere soon, given that there's not a lot of call for 'smaller name' companies in my neck of the woods, but it sure makes me wish I had an extra thousand and change to run down there right now and pick it up.

    Peter, if it helps, the lettering on the front struck me as odd as well. When did MarkBass switch from the little diagonal logo in the top left corner of the grille, a la Fender Cabinet look, and go to the big, punchy font right at center stage they use now?

    All in all, I'm hoping I can talk the owner of the store down a bit (if the cab DOES date from 2005, he probably would move a bit on the price, just to get rid of the thing) and we'll see what the overtime on my next few paychecks looks like. :ninja: