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Of Aggies, Bergies, and ... EBS?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Richard Lindsey, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. I had sometime to myself this Saturday--unusually--so I decided to spend a little more time with some gear I'd checked out fairly briefly before. So i went down to the NY Guitar and Bass Boutique to check out some Aguilar stuff. They had no 6-strings, oddly, so I checked out some rather nice 5s--Elrick, MTD, F--into a DB659 pre, a Crest power amp, and first a GS112 and then a GS212. (I wanted to try to 750, but the one they just got in was sold within 24 hours.) Honestly, I wasn't that crazy about the sound with any of the basses. The flat sound (un-EQd) was lacking for me, and even with some knob twiddling, I couldn't get what I wanted. Strange, because my previous experiences with Aggie stuff, albeit brief, had been more favorable.

    Then I walked a few blocks over to Rudy's and checked out a few things. First a Demeter pre through an Ampeg amp and an Eden 4-10. Very nice; the Dem's EQs were pretty subtle, but that was OK because the basic sound was fine. Then an Eden WT400 (like the one I own) through a Bergantino 2-10. Pretty good. Through the 3-10, even better. Then to my surprise--because I never paid much attention to this Swedish maker before--the guy hooked up an EBS HD350 head to the Bergie 3-10. All I can say is wow! This rig is some synergistic combo. Tons of highs, but at the same time warm and fat; hard to describe. Marcus Miller uses these now, if that tells you anything. Subjectively, at least through the Berg, the amp felt stronger than my Eden; it sounded like it had more than 350 W on tap. What's more, the EBS had attitude. Not rude, exactly, but more ... opinionated. You know? The sort of thing that it's hard to be indifferent to--you either dig it or hate it. I was very impressed.

    Just thought I'd toss this out to further complicate everybody's gear choices! ;) EBS wasn't even on my radar, but now they are for sure. They make preamps and stompboxes as well; I dunno if the pre sounds like the HD350, but if it does, then that with, say, 1500 W of serious iron would be wicked. I also hear that they're coming out with a big brother of the HD350, the HD750 or something like that. Hmm ... wonder how that would sound with my Acme ....
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Yup, I'm pretty much a lifer, at least at this point...I've owned my Fafner for about 2 years. I'm still impressed with it:D
  3. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    hey rich,

    seems like you had a nice saturday afternoon in midtown. today was an amazing day to be outside.

    anyways, EBS' tone might not be complex enough for straight up fingerstyle, but its got a bold powerful voice that rocks for funk and slap. whenever i get my bass setup at Matt Umanov, i always go downstairs to the blast room and plug into the EBS combo. also, bergantino's are amazing cabs to begin with, so anything thru them would rock.

    btw, did Scott at Rudy's run that EBS thru anything else? also, did you try the Ampeg Portabass cabs? been meaning to, but work has been keeping me tied up as of late.
  4. No, I pretty much stopped there with the EBS--it was sounding too good as it was. I didn't try the Ampeg Portabass cabs, because--and I'm not necessarily proud of this--I tend to ignore anything with an Ampeg name on it. Heresy to many, I know, and arguably biased, but I've never played an Ampeg bass amp that excited me, and I've played more than a few that just pissed me off (SVTs that went up in smoke in the middle of a gig, for example). The last time I liked an Ampeg much was the B15 in my high school stage band.:D

    Is this a new line, and do they have something new going on? If so, maybe I should get over my bias and revisit them.

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