Of what use are direct boxes?

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  1. i believe direct boxes are for when you want to plug your bass directly into the mixing console

    i believe they are pretty necessary if you want to do that because bass pickups have higher impedance unbalanced signals which need to be converted to low impedance balanced before being routed into the mixing board.
  2. tommy.genes


    Feb 16, 2006
    Yo! Philly
    That's a very nice DI, loaded with features. They seem to be discontinued now but they went for about $350US.

    SB2k is right that a DI is meant to plug unbalanced, hi-impedence signals (e.g. a bass guitar) into balanced lo-impedence inputs such as on a mixer. To do so without a DI results in impedence mismatch that sucks tone, is vulnerable to hum etc.

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  3. Cool thanks a lot, if and when I get into recording I'm sure this will come in handy instead of just plugging right in. Plus I love gadgets :)

    Edit: Does it have any other purpose other than this? Or will it only be useful when I need to go into a mixing board for recording or FOH?
  4. tommy.genes


    Feb 16, 2006
    Yo! Philly
    Well, those are two very important uses and more than enough for a common DI, but yours has some interesting extra features.

    BTW, if your amp doesn't have a DI built in, the common way to use one is to plug your bass into one of the IN jacks and then take a cable from the TO AMP jack to the input of your amp. That way you can still play through your amp as usual while sending a DI to the FOH or recording console.

    Now notice that your DI has a blendable effects loop, a tuner output and two input switches that let you switch between two basses (or both, or neither). If you have a pedalboard, I'd certainly recommend making this DI a part of it.

    And you got this thing for free... :mad: ;)

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  5. MakiSupaStar

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    Apr 12, 2006
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    Wow. Love that effects blend knob. I like how it actually says "wet" on it. You should definitely make this part of your setup.
  6. Well I am getting a Yamaha Magicstomp Thursday in the mail so that's as far as it goes for effects right now and my rackmount Ashly CG 85 Compressor. My Ashdown MAG 300 does have a DI out on it sooo... is it useless?
  7. Useless?!?! Man, that's gotta be one of the highest speced, most feature packed DI boxes I've ever seen. DO NOT TURN THIS DOWN! Even if it sits in a closet for five years before you decide to eBay it!!!

    10M input impedance will make passive basses come to life.
    10hz to 60khz frequency response is premium grade, would be excellent for recording practically anything that requires a DI box.
    The FX blend alone is a highly coveted feature around these forums!
  8. SubMonkey


    May 3, 2004
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    Add to your list of "stupid DI tricks"


    you can record straight from your instrument to your "deck" with said DI (be it tape/hard drive/whatever) then play your un-effected track through a _passive_ DI (backwards into the XLR port and out the inst port) into another amplifier miced up for novelty value.


  9. No no no. I meant is the DI on my AMP USELESS hahaha.
  10. Ahhhh... (where's the emoticon for "slaps self on forehead?! Mods?!?!)

    No way, if you ever get really keen you can use one DI for a clean sound at the top of your signal chain and one for a dirty sound coming from your amp. Get the sound guy to mix the two and you'll have bitching bottom end all night long no matter what effect you're using.

    This DI would be great for that because the 10M input impedance just happens to make a great buffer.
  11. Wow thanks, man I think this little tin can is really going to submerge me into the waters of bassdom. I dream of a point when someone asks me how to set up my gear and I come back with an either 'too complicated' or take half an hour showing them the ins and outs and xlrs. hehe. I already get that at band practice with my rackmount compressor lights going *bing bing* Guit**ist thought it was a chromatic tuner!
  12. Pffft, Guit**ists. :spit:

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