Off to see Rush tomorrow...

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  1. This will be the 4th time seeing them at Red Rocks. The show was supposed to be back on the 5th but it got rescheduled because of bad weather.

    I saw them last summer too, and although it is great to see Geddy bust out the Ricky for passage to bangkok again, I'm sad to hear they dropped Circumstances out of their set.
    To me THAT was the highlight of last year's set.
  2. I was supposed to be at the Rush in Indy gig today, but it got delayed till July 24th.:(
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    I took my 11 year old son to see them two weeks ago when they were in Philadelphia. They played a total of almost three hours and though they played about half of Snakes and Arrows they still played a pretty wide range of material (though if I remember correctly they only went as far back as 2112).

    I've been a huge fan since I was my son's age and they did NOT disappoint. We had a great time.
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    Aug 4, 2005
    Lucky! :(
  5. The weather is actually worse today than it was when the event was originally scheduled. I bet the boys are probably cursing colorado right about now.
  6. That show tonight... UNGH.


    I am so bummed, the wind and storm made the sound wash around like Red Rocks was one giant laundromat. They should never had rescheduled it. The 5th rained a little bit in the morning and then was clear and sunny while they were turning everyone away.
    Today was rainy with thunderstorms and gusty wind and it made them sound HORRIBLE.

    This was the 8th time i've seen them I think, and by far the most disappointing. Last year they sounded tons better at the same venue thanks to clear weather. :(

    I hope this wasn't the last time I ever get to see Rush. I'd like to remember my last Rush show as a bang, rather than a fart.