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Official Darkglass Club: Welcome to the Darkside

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by gregmon79, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Alpha Omega or Omicron with Ric is Zeus and Thor-approved.
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  2. Nowyn


    Dec 7, 2014
    Caved in and got AOm and X7, received it today. Need to finish rewiring my thunderbird and see how it stack up to my beloved B3K V1.

    Also need to make up my mind on order. Thinking of X7 being last with AOm before it. This setup would probably make my B3K redundant.
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  3. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018
    That little box is incredible. So much searing aggression and still total clarity... this thing is gonna be perfect in a mix... my guitarist and his Marshall have been warned.

    Also this post seriously lacked eye candy. Sweet, sweet eye candy...
  4. LowRenzo


    Jul 3, 2014
    The Hague
    I have the X7 and Omicron as well, and although I haven't yet tried the X7 before the AOm, I can't imagine it being worse than AOm before X7, haha.

    The circuitry of the AOm can easily get so coarse and agressive that the X7's drive and comp become a bit overwhelmed. Especially the drive side gets a bit artifacty.

    But I think turning off the Growl and Bite on the AOm, and then slamming the X7 into it could work very well as that emulates the Growl and Bite toggles in a way.

    Hoping to be able to do some experimenting myself soon.
  5. oldskoolskatedad


    May 18, 2014
    Your pedal "board" rips!
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  6. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018
    Thanks! As a skater and a cheap human being who likes to repurpose things whenever possible... it WAS pretty awesome. However... all the wide open space killed my OCD and then there was the urge to fill it...

    Enter my former shoe rack, made this after dinner tonight for a grand total of... absolutely nothing!

    Still feel like I need some kind of pre or DI at the end of the chain for when I have FOH. Have a BDI21 and a Joyo American, gonna experiment to see which one plays better after the Omicron! Always open to any other (reasonably priced) suggestions....
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  7. LowRenzo


    Jul 3, 2014
    The Hague
    That's adoraboard!

    Also, of the two options you mentioned, I think the BD21 is your best bet. It doesn't sound bad at all, and it has an XLR out, right? The Joyo probably doesn't sound bad either, but it doesn't have an XLR out I believe, so that's going to add some extra steps to the signal chain. Which is fine, but keeping your signal chain clean is no bad thing.

    The only thing to keep in mind is build quality. But the BD21 (or any preamp) is not a pedal you would be stomping on regularly so it should be fine.

    If you're wanting to go that route it's really worth it to save up and invest a bit though. There's *lots* of options these days.
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  8. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018
    Absolute truth spoken in that last bit. It’s on the radar, but maybe a bit down the road. I was thinking the same thing about the BDI as a temporary solution... but don’t think some more Darkglass wouldn’t be on the list! As far as that goes... if you were gonna run a DG as a preamp/DI after an Omicron being the primary dirt... which one?
  9. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    B7KU all the way man ;) My $.02
  10. kcducttaper


    Jul 1, 2019
    I'd never heard a bass distortion I liked. I even owned "the best of the best" (at the time) Sansamp VT Bass Deluxe and never could get a sound I liked out of it. Then, I stumbled across Darkglass and found the x7 and it sounds simply killer! I've been drooling over it for at least a year - probably more, but never could justify buying one, so it sat on my Amazon wish list for months. Just this last week, I found a classified ad on here for a near mint x7 and couldn't resist. It's supposed to get here 4 days from now and I can't wait!!!
  11. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018

    The Omicron into the BDI is SHOCKINGLY good. It thickened it up and added girth in all the right ways.

    Awesome! I just saved a lot of money!
  12. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    Yeah, no reason why the BDDI wouldn't be a great match with the Omi. The BDDI is still a workhorse and staple for a lot of bassists in this golden age of effects for a reason. It's good. I had and played one for over a decade before my tastes and GAS shifted me elsewhere.
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  13. LowRenzo


    Jul 3, 2014
    The Hague
    Not at all surprised, hehe.

    I use a SansAmp BDDI v2, and never could do without a SansAmp of sorts. And I've definitely tried. It all sounds good, but a bit sterile. The SansAmp circuitry (and Behringer's clone) just adds a bit of life and sparkle in all the right places.

    Although I do have to mention that the B*K circuitry responds quite nicely to drives before it.

    So if I were to make a recommendation, using a regular B7Kv2 with full blend could do very well as a preamp to amp and front of house. The treble and attack control can be used to tame any harshness in the highs, and the general voicing and EQ points (especially on the V2) are very amp-/ cablike. The drive already has a roll-off from 5K, so in my experience there's not much need for a cab sim, as it already sort of simulates a cab with those features.

    You could also opt for a B7KUv2, but if you're just looking for a single base tone, the B7Kv2 is more than enough. The B7KUv2 is useful for getting several tones out of a single pedal.

    It's all up to your wants and needs anyway so I'll just stop rambling :laugh:...
  14. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018
    Ramble On! (DA DA DA) It’s always good to hear more opinions. My bank account hates me for saying that but what else is new...

    I am most amazed by the weight the BDI adds to the Omicron dirt. Man I’m loving it.
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  15. TheLiberator


    Oct 13, 2016
    I'm a proud user of my Limited Edition Darkglass B7K I acquired in 2015, as well as a user of the Darkglass Duality Fuzz.

    I know the V2 B7K has some added midrange options, but I'm still very happy with the straightforward options of the original version and use it with all my gigs. The tubiness you get out of it sounds the most natural out of any preamp pedal I've ever heard/tried.

    I love the simplicity yet versatility I get out of the Duality. I love running it after my Mxr Bass Octave Deluxe and getting a massive octave fuzz sound that is immense!
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  16. Jonahlane


    Mar 29, 2016
    So here's my situation. Ive been using an Alpha Omega Ultra for a while as my main DI and preamp, alongside some others for tone shaping and feel, but recently as I've started getting into more recording, the small latency (1.4ms) from the AOU cab sim has proven to be a bit of a killer in the studio, as it puts my signal out of phase with any other blended signals. This isn't super crazy bad, but live, there isn't a solid way to deal with that, other than to not use the cab sim, which I dislike. Doug, Is there any possible update/workaround to that tiny bit of latency?
  17. hbabels

    hbabels Supporting Member

    Jul 26, 2015
    Phoenix, AZ
    I record with my B7k Ultra v2 with the Cab Sim all the time with multiple other channels all you need to do is either knock the Cab Sim Track forward 1.4 ms or slide the other tracks back 1.4 ms to time align them. You could also use tools like UAD’s Little Phase Tool or Waves In Phase to align tracks.
    Any those can produce great results.

    Unfortunately with anything digital there will always be a tiny amount of latency 1.4 ms is very small though and should be easy enough to align if you’re hearing phase issues.

    This can be a common problem with DI’s and real mic’d Cabs as well.
  18. I wonder what this is going to be??
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  19. DiscoRiceJ


    Oct 15, 2018
    Saw that. Probably something I will hate, because I will want it. Really big for a DG thing though.
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  20. Punkbeard


    Feb 20, 2017

    I can't remember how to tag the OP but after alot of research and painfully long decision making I just bought this absolute beast of a pedal and I'm seriously impressed.

    I was previously using a Boss ME50b multi board that I've had for about 5 years and started really outgrowing, ive started doing alot of recording and song writing at home of various rock orientated genres and needed something that would give me a DI preamp with capability of connecting via xlr into my DI recording box and had plenty of options for drive and distortion and I found it. The sheer tonal options this thing gives for what I use it for is vast, from really light tube style growl right up to pure brutal distortion. The 6 band eq is a massive bonus aswell. This has become my only needed (personal preference) front of house pedal now, with the boss multiboard in the loop for anything I need to add.

    Build quality is outstanding.

    Peace \m/

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