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OFFICIAL fx forum Boss Pedals ROCK club

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by RCCollins, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Hey yo, I'm starting this club to celebrate the great achievements of the Roland corporation in the field of effects processor stompboxes, under the brand name of Boss. Maybe you're familiar with them.

    Please not that this is NOT a joke, and I am NOT being facetious. I really like Boss effects, even if i dont't currently own any. I am tired of seeing their name thrown around as a synonym for "garbage" in this forum. Anti-boss snobbery is a sure sign of ignorance and lack of experience. I'm not saying they are always they best, or that they've never made a clunker. In fact, I think their attempts at bass effects have generally been disappointing (though the ODB-3 is better than it gets credit for)

    There is an excellent online resource called the"Boss Area that had virtually any Boss/Roland pedal info you could hope for!

    Anyway, here are some fun facts about Boss pedals. Followed by the member list.

    The OD-1 was the original basis for the famous Tubescreamer. In fact, the tubescreamer had to be redesigned to do symetrical clipping because at the time, Roland(Boss) held a patent on asymmetrical clipping!

    Classic chorus effects like the CE-5 Chorus Ensemble were originally produced with analog circuitry, but replaced with digital versions shortly thereafter with no relabelling.

    Their buffers and bypass switch are WAY better than 99% of true bypass effects in most situations (and yes I HAVE encountered problems with boss buffers in fuzz/filter configurations - LIKE I WOULD WITH PRETTY MUCH ANY BUFFER)

    The FZ-3 fuzz is made without integrated circuits, and can be modded fairly easily, just like some boutique effects - and none of their circuits have EVER been covered in black sticky goo to give an illusion of originality

    More later


    #1 RCCollins
    #2 DosiYanarchy
    #3 SG-Jazz
    #4 bothroysnvts
    #5 Idouru
    #6 bigchiefbc
    #7 katri
    #8 g0rilla
    #9 Jimmy Rocket
    #10 ryognbass
    #11 bobulibobium
    #12 lobey
    #13 metalupyourjazz
    #14 skulletwhip
    #15 warwick.hoy
    #16 CliffD
    #17 Jimbob Jones
    #18 rcubed
    #19 Mr. Pickles
    #20 crapusername
    #21 icarussmicarus
    #22 BassistFreak416
    #23 p4toda
    #24 deluge of Sound
    #25 Crisp Delicious
    #26 Jumbo_steelie
    #27 The Owl

    let me know if I missed you - or if you didn't want to be included!
  2. B.C.

    B.C. Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2005
    I really dig their stuff. I'll give props to their achievements. :)
  3. I have a soft spot for Boss...
  4. can i has a number? Massive props for the LS-2, the Blues Driver, the OC2 and the DD6

    I just wish they'd freshen up their line a little, re-design some things, bring back the analog pedals (chorus, delays) expand their range of bass fx - bring out a bass version of the blues driver and ill be their b1tch for life.
  5. I don't believe in joining clubs so I won't ask for a number etc,...

    I'll give this, Boss for the most part do well, have never had an unreliable pedal of theirs,... the only thing I don't like is that most of their pedals have been to bland or not unique enough for me,... Ps-3 being very big exception there of course,...

    I currently own 7 boss pedals but only have two on my pedal board (tuner and Ps-3) with maybe thinking about putting the Bf-3 back on if I don't have any need for more than one dirt pedal,....

    the limiter and the EQ pedal I bought on a whim but found no real need for them, the chorus I haven't found anywhere to use in a band setting so have left off as well...

    BOSS are good just sometimes theyre not what im looking for...
  6. SG-Jazz


    Dec 24, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Boss treats me good, I use a dd-7, ps-3 and an oc-2 on my board. Versatile and reliable. Ill Join!!

    #1 RCCollins
    #2 DosiYanarchy
    #3 SG-Jazz
  7. The only boss pedal I use is the ls-2, does that count?
  8. TOOL460002

    TOOL460002 Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    Santa Cruz CA
    as someone who has slung mud at there name- i will show my support- either out of spite or hypocrisy:


    i can do without a number as well- too much to keep track of.
  9. idoru


    Dec 18, 2005
    Brisbane, Australia
    There was an article in Mixdown (an Australian music industry street press, mostly ads!) comparing a stack of effects in some 'real world' tests. The only pedal to survive having beer spilled on it, being driven over, thrown off a building & set on fire was the Boss pedal.

    I've owned or used the NS-2, LS-2, OC-2, OC-3, DS-1, CE-2b, HR-3, SYB-3, MT-2, PH-2, BF-2, DD-3... may have missed one!

  10. I will absolutely give props to Boss. They have been pioneers in the effect world, and they are still making pedals I want.

    Boss pedals I'm rocking now: DD-20, LMB-3

    Boss pedals I've liked but no longer own for other reasons: RT-20, PH-3, CEB-3, FDR-1

    Boss pedals I'm still GASing for: RE-20, SL-20
  11. I currently have a TU-2 and an OC-2. I love both and I do belive boss pedals are the most reliable pedals ever.
  12. G0rilla


    Feb 1, 2008
    Latvia, Riga
    Making ears bleed since 1989
    Count me in, Have LS2, CEB3, GEB7, ME50b (actually dont use atm, because it is too big and too digital, but still miss its delay and octaves), and just sold ODB3 (because its enough with 2 drives for me, one had to leave).
    Also gas`ing on PS3, RE20 and DD7.
    And only thing i dont like about boss, is that they all look the same, and pedalboard looks ugly when 2/3 of pedals are boss :D
  13. I have no problems with Boss. I have:

    ODB-3, GEB-7, CEB-3, and a TU-2

    I'm seriously eyeing the PS-3 at the moment :bassist:

    I traded a DD-20 for a DL4 a while back, but that's the only boss pedal i have ever gotten rid of.
  14. jimmy rocket

    jimmy rocket

    Jan 24, 2008
    Ayden, NC
    They hold down the bottom left corner of my board with authority!

  15. count me in with a ME50b that im loving :)
  16. Wow, that's 2 FZ-2s so far... does that thing sound good on bass?

    After coffee I will update the list
  17. count me in, i use an ODB-3 and a DD-7
  18. I'll take a number too. Only have the ODB-3 right now, but have owned/used a few other Boss toys. My ODB-3 has survived my clumsy self stomping on it for about 8 months when I was playing with my old band. Never had any issues.
  19. I am a big fan of my PS3, SD1, PN2, DD3, HM2, and OC2.
    I really really like my PN2 tremolo/pan. It can make you seasick!
  20. warwick.hoy


    Aug 20, 2006
    Spokane, WA.
    Beta Tester: Source Audio.
    Boss Dominates my pedalboard and if you look at the PBotStars thread you'll probably note that Boss pedals dominate a lot of those boards as well. Count me in. TU-2, LMB-3, SD-2, OC-2.

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