Official Redneck Bassist Club!

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  1. I searched for something similar to this several times, but didn't find one. So here we go with the Redneck Bassist Club! (or Hillbilly, White Trash, etc....) With most clubs you need to post a picture or something, but considering it's kind of difficult to determine if you're a redneck by the photo of your bass, all you need to do to gain admission into this club is list proof you're redneck. For instance, I currently take care of four chickens, five rabbits, and have remnants of our pigs in the freezer, plus I live in a double-wide. Any other rednecks out there? Don't be shy....
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  2. RLT


    Jul 10, 2004
    South Central OH
    Dang boy live in Appalachia.
  3. Yes I do. Southeastern Ohio. If you've never been there, picture West Virginia... with hippies.
  4. Well, I see I'm the only one with enough self-esteem to ADMIT I'm a redneck bassist.
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  5. Well Feller, I am a Florida born and bred redneck bassist. I don't have chickens or rabbits, but if I did I would have the grill fired up right now. I am a Florida "cracker", redneck M.F. and proud of it. Besides playing bass, hunting, grilling and N.A.S.C.A.R. are my favorite past times. # please.
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  6. Well, I guess you get #67,234. Oh wait, lemme check the records again.... ah, you're #2.
  7. irishryno


    Jan 22, 2008
    i live in bama...nuff said
  8. i'll take number 666.......and as soon as i can find some nerd to show me how i'll post pi'tshurs,of my gun rack,red man banner,confederate flags n'all
  9. Number 3 for our bama friend, and 666 for Jim Campbell.... or 4, whichever you prefer.
  10. I wanted #3, Dale Earnhardt, baby! I Guess I'll take #18, next best thing!
  11. Well, unless irishryno wants a different number, you'll have to take 18.

    Ah, take whatever number you want. What the heck.
  12. ^ Over qualified.
  13. I'll take 18, and you can call me June Bug.
  14. So let me just double check this....
    nutso42 #1
    xgator4u #2
    irishryno #3
    dDaddybass #18
    JimCampbell #666.
    Okay. Hope that clears that up.
  15. Thisshheeere's gonna be tha best dang club on TB, Yeehaw!
  16. Why thank ya. Now go get yerself some Possum & grits fer dinner.
  17. YES SIR, I need some pi'tshurs of that in Siberia, FOR- SHORE.
  18. YUP, check my sig.
  19. Great! And that'll get us more publicity too!
  20. they dont stock old golds,n' busch here tho.....