Offset Bridge Saddles - 5 String Fretless Project

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  1. Hi all, I picked up a 5 string project bass and have been putting together a list of parts to complete my build. Got to looking at new bridges and found this. [​IMG]
    I'm fairly new to building guitars specifically but I'm pretty handy. My only concern was the seemingly heavy offset between the saddles. Is there a specific way to counter this when mounting or does it mount as any other bridge? It's probably on the cheaper end but it looks functional enough for the control I'll need over intonation but I'm weary of the style. I should have plenty of space to do something like an 1/8" to 1/4" offset if necessary, but I'd like some clarification. Thanks.
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    Just make sure you position that bridge based on the string slots rather than the outside edges of the bridge. As long as you keep the A string slot on your center line, it doesn't matter that the bridge plate will sit off center slightly.
  3. That's what I was figuring, I might start a build thread for what I have going because the circumstances I got the loaner body/neck from was a mystery in all regards except for nut width and the number of frets. Brand on the headstock is "Glams" and I had some other concerns on string spacing given it's a 45mm nut. Any recommendations for determining string spacing? I'm comfortable with 18-19mm but I'm not quite sure how that will impact the usable real estate on my fretboard. Thanks again, from your fellow St. Louisan

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