Oh, My!

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  1. Sklar, backing up "the greats."
  2. I guess even Sklar needs/wants a paycheck from time to time.
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    Come back, Billie, all is forgiven.
  4. Dr. Cheese

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    Seriously, for a musician as good as Leland Sklar, why not cash this easy check so you can afford to do stuff you really love?
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    I never understood why people look down on great players taking "easy" gigs. I'd tour with any pop star, play to the best of my ability, wear whatever they wanted, and smile on stage at every show. It's a job, if your boss came to you and said "we're gonna pay you handsomely and you only have to do entry-level work", are you saying no?
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  6. Dr. Cheese

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    Mar 3, 2004
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    I'm sure Mr.Sklar was a member of the house band for several artists that night. And, like the true pro he is, he played the ever loving crap out of that song.

    I'm usually not a "get off my lawn" type when it comes to new music. But that song, performance, and schtick were all horrible.
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  8. JRA

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    a gig is a gig. nothing's changed. ;)
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