oh no! not another action/fret-buzz question??!!

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  1. superphat


    Sep 30, 2001
    :p oh no! not another action/fret-buzz question??!!

    I've always had super low action and great playability on all of my previous basses... Recently i got a cheap fender jazz copy, which sounds really great btw, but i can't get the action really low without it buzzing everywhere. Med-high action works great on the bass, especially digging in hard which i feel is what this particular bass was made for! the greasy fingerstyle funk tones are great on this bass.
    I was surprised about the buzzing because i've been doing my own setups for quite some time now with great success... probably a bad factory fret job...

    anyways, i'm wondering how low is your action on your fender jazz or copy (essex etc.)?

    i guess if you could tell me your measurement at the 20th fret, that would be great... just curious about your action. thanks - appreciate it~