Oh No....old dude learns something new...

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  1. OK, I've always played Bass by ear...
    but decided to actually Properly learn how to play classically...
    as in, get some actual instruction from a real teacher.

    So while taking the first lesson, to gauge my relative skill level,
    he asks me to play something...so I hit off a song I've been working
    on for the last few weeks...and he's like, ok, you've got the basics down,
    but you're playing that in a higher scale than it should be...
    I'm like, HUH?? I've been working the heck out of it to be Precisely
    like it sounds coming outta my system!
    (Big Data-Dangerous)

    Turn on my 90's Kenwood Rack (yeah, I'm old, but it's still great equipment)
    play the song in question from CD...and he gets a weird look on his mug
    and asks if my Bass Subwoofer is hooked up...so I check the back, yep,
    good there...check the speaker connections...yep good there...check the
    wires themselves...WOOPS! something has managed to cut the wire...
    probably one of the Twins...anyway...so basically I've been listening without
    having the full bass sound...because the high & mid speakers are isolated...
    (Bang & Olafson Redline Speakers with a separate Infinity Subwoofer)
    and trying to recreate a song incorrectly because of that.

    So I guess it IS important to learn scales so you can tell when yer junk isn't
    working right ;)

    And...great ears on him...

    This should be an interesting learning experience...
  2. LOL!!!! Well, you have the higher registers covered at least.
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  3. Opps.
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