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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Sound Guy Paul, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. I went into the studio today, and my preamp was buzzing like crazy. The humming was cut out by my compressor, but when I played and the noise gate opened, it sounded terrible. I have no idea what could have happened. It was only throught the XLR output, and I couldnt hear it in my monitor. I had the ground switch on, and everything, but it was horrible. I ended up having to go straight into the mixer. Anyone have any idea where the buzzing could come from? I here is my setup:

    Korg DTR-2 -> ADA midi Preamp ->sidechain out to Behringer Composer Pro-> back to ADA -> XLR to board

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    sidenote: does anyone else know about the ADA MB-1 being a horrible studio preamp? It is great live, but it is very noisy in the studio.
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    Ground loop, perhaps? Is all your equipment plugged into the same outlet or circuit? I've had a similar situation in our practice garage, where I think the circuit is poorly grounded, and the SABDDI picks up a buzz from the fluorescent lights.
  3. All of my equipment is plugged into a surge protector, that is plugged into the main circuit. I record at this basement studio alot, and I have always produced a little amount of noise with my preamp, but never to this extent. It was like a dirty pulsating sound, It is really hard to explain it. But what got me confused is, it was not coming through my monitor. Could this be something up with the XLR jack on the preamp? I know it is in the preamp because when I kick in my noise gate that affects the signal after it has been altered by the preamp, it shuts off the noise, unless I play something. I thought it might be something in the tubes perhaps?
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