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OHM-ly u can help me......

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by christos, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. I am not good with electrical stuff, so here is my question....On the back of my amp there is 2 pair of outputs for speakers, 1 pair says 4 ohm the other is 8 ohm....Right know the single 15" speaker is connected to the 8 ohm...... What is the difference and what scenerios would I have to change.......Thanks for any feedback......The amp that I am using is a MESA/BOOGIE Buster 200 combo if that helps at all....
  2. I think that is a tube amp, so those numbers are important for the health of your amp. The 2 jacks labeled 4 ohms are connected in parallel, and the 2 jacks labeled 8 ohms are in parallel, I would think. If that is true, (check your manual or contact the manufacturer to verify), here are your options:

    If you have (1) 8 ohm speaker, then plug it into (1) of the 8 ohm jacks.

    If you have (2) 8 ohm speakers, then plug one into 1 of the 4 ohm jacks, and plug the other into the other 4 ohm jack, since (2) 8 ohm loads in parallel equals 4 ohms.

    If you have (1) 4 ohm speaker, plug into one of the 4 ohm jacks.

    If you have (2) 4 ohm speakers, pick your favorite one and use it, cause you can't plug them both into your amp without making a special plug, because that would be a 2 ohm load, and your amp has only 4 and 8 ohm taps.

    If you have (2) 16 ohm cabinets, plug them both into the (2) 8 ohm jacks. The (2) 16 ohm cabs will be 8 ohms in parallel.

    All of this is based on my assumption above. Verify that before proceeding. Learn this stuff, or you'll kill your nice amp.

  3. Hey "throbbinnut",
    Thanks for the reply I was so excited to pick up my new amp that I left the instruction manual and the footswitch at the dealer.... I have to go and get that stuff today, if anyone can pry me away from my new amp....What you said makes definate sense to me but the best advice you gave is to check with the owners manual.....Thanks again.

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