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  1. Please sir. ... Can we call 'ohmage' impedance?

    Or. ..
    I was always under the impression the ohm rating of a speaker was called IMPEDANCE. I see people calling it ohmage.... is there such a word or is it gonna turn up in future dictionaries like 'gonna' :cool: ???
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  2. I doubt it. The confusion is (DC) resistance and (AC) impedance both use a unit of measure called "ohms".
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    probably yeah, exactly like that.
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  4. Bob Lee (QSC)

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    It's like using "decibel level" instead of "sound level."
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    Problem is cabs have a nominal impedance rating, which isn't a real thing. Impedance is a complex number, the 4/8/16 ohm rating is a bodge up derived from that, and is treated like a resistance rating for cab to amp matching purposes.
  6. Resistance and impedance are two different things.Resistance is typically a fixed value,impedance is determined by what's happening in a circuit.
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    No, there is no such word but yes, it probably will appear in future dictionaries. Language seems to evolve according to the whims of those who misuse it.

    "Ohmage" instead of impedance is a bit like calling the distance from head to toe "inchage" rather than height.
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  8. Bob Lee (QSC)

    Bob Lee (QSC) In case you missed it, I work for QSC Audio!

    Jul 3, 2001
    Chester, Connecticut
    Former Technical Communications Developer, QSC Audio
    How much milesperhourage did you drive to work?
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    Not much. I need to increase the kilopascalage in my tyres. It must have dropped because of the low winter degreeage :(
  10. Do you wanna know what I see a lot of people doing on this forum that irritates the hell out of ME???

    Err...I didn't think so :woot:

    Anyhoo, it might make you feel better (than starting a thread about it) to catch someone using the word "ohmage" and publicly chastise them for it...just sayin'

    Better yet, make it your mission to catch and shame everyone who uses that word...it could be "your thing." You could be the ohmage police.
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    Good guess!

    But seriously, anyone looking for reliable info about technical matters will have more luck if they search using the right terminology. A Google search for "ohmage" will find a lot of not-so-credible sources containing the usual myths.
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    Problem is, as I see it. that folk do not know the right word for something they are trying to grasp. Trouble is that instead of using the right term, once they have found it, they continue to use the made up term. This displays to the world a lack of willingness to learn.

    Secondly there not many sites out there where a neophyte to our craft can search for needed information. Often folk want to be told the answer rather than search it out for themselves. Someone aughta write a book, kinda like "Bass Playing for Dummies". :)
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  14. beans-on-toast


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    Of course people get confused by impedance. It's made up of real and imaginary components. I kid you not!

    Impedance, Z= R+ jX where R is the resistive component, X is the reactive component, and j is the imaginary square root of -1. Not to be confused with acoustic impedance, which is the ratio of the pressure over an imaginary surface in a sound wave to the rate of particle flow across the surface.

    Getting your head around that is an impediment, but if you do understand it, people will pay you homage. :laugh:
  15. But seriously, rather than rallying the Grumpy Bassists Club and creating or joining in a thread dedicated to circular mental masturbation, people who feel that it's important that others use correct terminology could make a point of using the forum for one of its primary purposes and help others understand these concepts. When they see someone using words like "ohmage," they could join in and inform…not use it as a platform to show how smart they are or how great their experience is but as an opportunity to help (rather than beat up) someone else with their knowledge. In time, fewer and fewer people would use the word "ohmage."
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    funniest thread in a while
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    And while we're at it, can we stop called the last part of the song the outtro?

    Intro is short for introduction, what's outtro, outtroduction?

    It's the CODA ;)
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    Is homage anything like ohmage? They're spelled the same with two letters reversed.
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    Jan 15, 2006
    That's because Impedance = inductive reactance (in ohms)+ capacitive reactance (in ohms) + DC resistance (also measured in ohms)