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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Obsdian, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Can somebody explain to me in detail about ohms? What's better, 4 or 8 ohms? Why? What's the difference?
  2. Ívar Þórólfsson

    Ívar Þórólfsson Mmmmmm...

    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
    Here above is the so called FAQ, or frequently asked questions and answers. There within lies the great Amp FAQ written by Joris.

    I suggest you take a look at it.

  3. Well, actually, a novice question like that is not answered in the Amps FAQ

    Here's some quick help.

    The term "impedance" would be the correct name for "ohms". It's the electrical resistance a loudspeaker cabinet has.

    The most important thing you need to know is:

    - The lower the impedance, the more power an amplifier can deliver.
    - An amplifier can only handle a certain minimal impedance load.
    - Connecting two cabs with the same impedance to one amplifier (channel) drops the total impedance to one half of that of one cab.

    Questions you must ask yourself are:

    - Can my amplifier handle the connected load?
    - Do I want more cabs in the future, and can I connect them to my amp?

    I hope this helps.
  4. Sprinkler

    Sprinkler [account disabled]

    Jul 31, 2002
    Would there exist a device that can boost an amp's impedance?

    Say you've got 2 cabinets, each 4 ohms, but your amp can minimummaly deliver 4 ohms, which means you can't plug both of em in. is there a device you could plug between the cabinet and amp to overcome this?
  5. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    There is a way,I think, you can hook up two 4 ohm cabs to make them 8 ohms.
  6. yeah man, you can make your own cable and link the two cabs to one 1/4' plug that you plug in and that should work, these cables arent available commercially
  7. There's a reason for that. The two cabs that you put in series MUST be IDENTICAL, otherwise the end result is pretty unpredictable. The two cabs WILL influence each other.

    An amp's output impedance rating can NOT be changed. It's part of the design. There are no devices that can do this.
  8. Okay, to simplify my question more here's what I really wanted ot know. I have a Yorkville BM200T. Can I add a SWR Son Of Bertha 1x15 extension cabinet to it?

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