OK amp-meisters, I need some help!

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  1. kjpollo


    Mar 17, 2008
    I'm wondering if I can use my 2 amps together and bi-amp my sound.
    First I have a Crate 150 watt combo with a single 15. 2 ohm min load. This amp has a number of options to branch out.
    On the back it has a regular output to an extension cab, a line out jack to another power amp and high and low outputs fthat are controlled by a Bi-amp frequency control on the front panel.
    Then I have a Kustom Groove 1200 head. This head has an effects loop and the "Effects Return" can also be used as a power amp in.

    Am I correct in thinking that I can plug my bass into the Crate and then use the Bi-amp feature to split my signal and run a line out of, say, the "high frequency out" and into the effects return on the Kustom Groove?
    This would be pretty interesting to try. I was thinking of sending the mids and highs to the Kustom head and through my SWR 410 and let the Crate's 15 handle the lows.

    If I'm correct, then all the EQ functions would be handled on the Crate because, theoretically, the input into the Kustom would be after the preamp and before the power amp.

    Does this sound right? I'm not going to try this without some input from the experts on here. I just got the Kustom and SWR and I have no intentions of ruining them.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. bongomania

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    If the crossover outs on the Crate are before the Crate's power amp section, i.e. preamp/line outs, then what you described will work just fine. If OTOH the crossover outs are after the Crate's power section, i.e. speaker outs, then you will let out the magic smoke. :)
  3. totallybacan


    Mar 30, 2009
    Chances are, it will be before the power section. I've done a setup like this multiple times with an Ashdown MAG 300 and Ampeg SVT 200T. However, this was with an 18 for my lows. Personally, with your setup, I would use the 15 as your high and 410 as your low. Chances are, the 410 can go lower, and can handle a bit more power. 150 watts in high frequencies will be WAY more than enough, but you will need a couple hundred to match that in the lower frequencies.

    Search around and you will find that 410s are considered to be lower than a single 15.
  4. kjpollo


    Mar 17, 2008
    I think the Bi-amp outs are BEFORE the power amp section. The description reads:
    "The Bi-amp outputs can be connected to two separate power amps or the B-150 can be expanded by plugging one output into a separate power amp and the other into the Line In jack".

    Oh yeah, there's also an unbalanced Line Out Jack and the description of THAT one reads: "This jack provides a high impedance unbalanced out for connecting the B-150 to another amplifier, etc"

    This is interesting stuff to a noob like me!