Ok...I grew up on KISS but.....

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  1. .....this has got to stop. They are touring AGAIN this summer. This time with Def Leppard. Saw them last year. The novelty is gone man. How many times do people need to see them? Plus Stanley's voice is just...meh....now. I mean good lord......at some point I wish they would just grow a dignity.

    KISS made me pick up a guitar back when KISS ALIVE came out. But they are a shadow of their former selves and watching this just ain't pretty anymore. :rollno:
  2. hover


    Oct 4, 2008
    For the same reason people go to McDonalds:

    They know what they're gonna get, and they've run outta ideas / don't care that there are better options out there.
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    Have you considered that they just like to tour? At what age would you like people to tell you not to do the things you love anymore? If they want to tour and people want to see them what’s the problem? Nobody is forcing people to go.
  5. It's all good if people want to see them, and Def Leppard are no spring chickens either.

    Isn't Black Sabbath doing a tour as well?
  6. Really?

    Let's watch the receipts for the real story. ;)

    A lot of older fans could never get enough, and there is a wave of younger fans looking forward to it.

    It's a timeless spectacle that appeals to all ages. It's like you're saying, "Barnum and Bailey AGAIN? Sheesh, how many times do they have to drag that circus across the country?"
  7. Hey they probably do love to tour and the money. If you want to go see them.....more power to you. I am just saying as a long time fan I wish they would go out on top with some pride. Stanley can't sing anymore. Go look up last year's tour.

    Robert Plant won't do a Led Zep thing because he doesn't want to tarnish their legacy. Maybe going a bit far but I wish KISS would have a little bit of that thinking.
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    Oct 4, 2008
    I was joking with the McDonalds comment, but I will say the main gripe I have with them is the constant 'farewell tour" nonsense, only to continually come back with nothing new to offer....but people love their nostalgia acts, and who am I to besmirch someone their fun? Just at this point they're more a cove band than the real article.
  9. I am 50 years old. Yes the novelty is gone. Ok ya got me.....gone for me. Last tour they were playing places and drawing 3,000 people.
  10. Agreed.
  11. I guess the difference being that Black Sabbath haven't been touring for the last 10 or 12 years on an extended Farewell Tour.

    And this isn't a knock against people who do want to go and see KISS......it is simply my perspective as a long time fan.
  12. Not a chance. KISS became a parody of themselves in the late 1970s and didn't worry about tarnishing their image. Why start now? :D (This coming from another long-time fan who got interested in music from listening to them.)
  13. Did not know that.

    Were those 3,000-seat venues by chance? Are you suggesting KISS can no longer sell out larger venues?
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    Is that really Paul or is that just a good photochop? Good Lord, man, it's time to either hit the gym or put a shirt on.
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    I think that's a tribute band's "Paul", but LOL. :D
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    Dec 25, 2000
    I think you're right. I immediately went and looked up pics of Paul and he still looks fit.

    BTW, a few years ago, "Mini KISS" came to an event near where I live. I wasn't there, but the consensus is that they were totally horrible. Mini "Gene" wasn't even playing a bass.
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    I dunno...that face looks like the real Paul...maybe he just got caught forgetting to breathe in?

    Anyway, I'm sure he knows as well as anyone that he doesn't have the pecs and abs he had 30 years ago. But I don't think he cares.

    I was a massive Kiss fan in the late 70's and early 80's...and you know what? I still listen to some of that stuff, especially the live albums.

    Yeah, Gene is a greedy asshat, Paul is growing old disgracefully and his voice is shot, and there is much vitriol aimed at the Peter and Ace 'impostors'....but the bottom line is that folk still want to go and see them live.

    I doubt anyone will want to pay to watch me dance around in heels jiggling my moobs when I hit 60.
  18. The arena I saw them in was a 5,000 seat venue that only drew about 3,000 people. The bigger show in our province drew around 10,000 in an arena that can hold 13,000 for most concerts. You could still get good seats a week before the show. KISS is not the automatic sellout it once was. Not around here anyways.
  19. Okay, maybe not the automatic sell out they once were.

    But 10,000 out of 13,000 seats? Not too shabby for a band that hasn't had a bonafide hit song for decades.

    Sounds to me like they still hold a lot of entertainment value for a lot of folks.
  20. And I am not saying they don't......this was purely my perspective as a long time fan and as someone who was inspired to pick up the guitar because of the rawness of Deuce on KISS ALIVE, and really the whole KISS Alive album. My bedroom walls growing up were covered in KISS posters. I joined the KISS Army in 1977.

    And I have seen to their last 3 tours and probably the last 7 or 8 beginning with the reformation tour in 1996/97 and the start of the farewell tour in 1999/2000.