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Ok, i really want to get in shape

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by TVD, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. TVD


    Jul 14, 2004
    I'm going to be 40 in January, and i'm not happy at all with the way i look. I'm like 6 ft 240. I stayed between 190-200 for many years, but the past 2 years or so it seems like my metabolisim has suddenly stalled. Just can't do what i used to to and maintain the same weight, and it sucks. I tried low carbs maybe 5 years ago, and lost 10-15 pounds, but tried is again last spring, and in two months i literally only lost 1 pound, and my clothes got no looser either. Talk about frustrating. I later read somewhere that some people who get off low carb, then get back on it, don't lose the 2nd time around. I'd rather not do low carb again anyhow, cuz there were things i enjoyed about eating that way, but also things i didn't. I mean i want to be able to eat fruit and pasta etc. Maybe i'm one of those people, i don't know. I am a couch potato, but i am active in that i walk alot on my job, prob 5 miles a shift, and i get a good workout on the gigs i do. I move around and sweat alot on most gigs. I do like to sweat actually, so i'm trying to use that as a plus in getting motivated to start some kind of an exercize program.
    I'm serious about doing something, but i honestly don't know where to start. I have never been inside of a gym in my life. Never have been a big fan of exercize, but i need to do something or be like this forever, and i don't want that.
    I did quite a bit of reading last night on diet and exercize programs, and did a search here and read some threads, and learned some. But i really don't know where to start. It seems like alot of people say it's better to eat 5 times a day instead of 3. I generally eat twice a day, and have never been a morning eater, but i read where it's good to eat in the morning to get metabolism started. I also like to eat late at night, esp after gigs. Hopefully it's still ok to at least eat something after a gig, cuz i've expeneded alot of energy then.
    Anyhow, i'm just looking for pointers to get me headed in the right direction here. Thanks for any advice. Trent
  2. Bassic83


    Jul 26, 2004
    Texas, USSA
    Swim. Swim a lot, then swim some more. Supposed to be the best overall exercise for losing weight. And instead of eating twice a day, eat 5 small meals. This will kick-start your metabolism. Pay attention to what you eat, don't overdo the carbs and fats. Lots of green veggies, easy on the steaks and burgers, fish is good as well. I personally can't stand seafood, so I get stuck eating poultry a lot (I'm a real meat-n-taters guy), so I try to go for steamed veggies quite a bit. If you have access to a gym, weight training is good as well- not body-building, weight training. Get with a PT on this, they can customize your circuit to achieve the results you desire. Cycling is good as well, but can be expensive. I rode anywhere from 100-250 miles a day when I was a teen, training for "Century Races" 100 mile races. I was in really good shape then, but I'd leave before dawn and not get back til way after dark. But even a 5-mile ride at a good clip will trim you up. No reason to go out and pay to join 24-hour fitness unless you are really serious.
  3. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!

    First off, I wish people (not just you) would understand that getting in shape is a two step process. The two things people need to do, to get in shape are work out & modify your consumption.

    That's a VERY over-simplified way of looking at it, but if you keep THAT in sight, you can make progress.

    Another mistake the people make is, they'll say, I wanna loose weight. My reply is, what do you mean? Do you wanna loose fat, do you wanna loose muscle, vital organs, or what? OK, maybe that's a little smart assed, but its important to establish, because some peoples goals are distorted & need the correct perspective.

    Getting in shape means, overall improving the quality of your health by becoming leaner & stronger. Leaner means, you reduce your fat & increase your muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. So, there will be a point of diminishing returns,,, evenually. 40 pounds for an adult your size isn't that hard.

    To burn fat, simply, you must burn more calories than you consume. It's just that simple. By adding muscle mass, you will burn more calories, because it'll cost more calories to power bigger stronger muscles to accomplish a given feat.

    This is why you should adopt a two pronged work out regimen... 1) Weights, for building muscle. 2) Cardio, for burning fat. There's tons of materials available to cover these two things, but you'll need to do AT LEAST 30 minutes of cardio every other day. That means, any prolonged, heart rate increasing activity...

    Then, there's the dietary issue. As we get older, carbohydrates are an enemy, BUT, you DO NEED some carbs as they are the nutrient which gives us energy. The trick here is, finding carbs which do NOT derive thier energy from sugars. You can find these in most any green vegetable. Brocolli, Spinach, Green Beans... If its got sugar, its going to counteract your efforts, & your body will store it as fat. If its a fiberous carb, your body will use what it can, & get rid of the rest. Starchy carbs are the debil... Potatoes, especially french fries, regular bread, white rice are all starchy carbs.

    Also, in order to build muscle, you must eat a certain amount of protein, ie meats. Low-fat meats are best, ie Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Eggs... There's no real need to avoid Beef, but the higher fat content could lead to other problems down the road, like heart issues. But, in moderation, its perfectly fine. Just follow these guidlines... don't get all wound up if you, have 3 or 4 french fries off of your spouses plate... Just dedicate yourself to maintaining the above general trends. Also, getting in shape isn't a 1 month fix, & then your back to your old habits. It's a permanent change. It's a quality of life fix.
  4. TVD


    Jul 14, 2004
    Thanks for the responses. The thing with me is, i haven't really changed anything the past few years, and my weight just shot up, and stuff i used to do when i wanted to lose a few pounds just dosen't seem to work anymore. My parents are both big, so i've always had to kinda watch it to a degree. I haven't really been guilty of overeating, like i said, i didn't change my routine, and i stayed between 190-200 tops for like 15 years. Then BAM i puff up and put on 40 pounds. I never have exercized in a formal manner, but i know i need to. That's going to be big change for me to make, and i want to do it in the right way. I do walk alot on my job, and my cardio isn't the worst in the world. I'm looking at either doing something about it, or just giving in. And i don't want to give in. I am serious about it. I have good willpower, but i don't want to starve or feel depreived either. I never enjoyed exercize as a kid, so that's probably the biggest hurdle for me. Getting going on it, and having it be something that won't bore me to tears. I really do wish i could just do what i did for my whole adult life and stay at 200, but that's not my reality anymore. I'm just vain enough that i want to look good on stage, not be fat, dumpy bass player. Trent
  5. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    I'm with McHack on this one, especially the last sentence.

    Getting in shape involves major lifestyle changes. You need to change your attitudes about food if your eating habits are poor. You'll have to give up couch/TV time to work out. Make sure you are ready for these permanent changes. If you're not willing to dedicate yourself 110%, then do not start.....seriously. Starting a program, and the dropping out will make it that much harder to start next time.

    Best wishes to you my friend. I have been there, sitting on the couch out of shape feeling sorry for myself. Watching all the fit and buff guys wishing I was one.

  6. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU

    And triple that. It's very hard and at the end pretty much useless to plan a temporary scheme how to "get into shape".

    What it takes is deciding that you are going to eat properly and work out a bit for the rest of your life. This way all the pressure having to lose so-and-so much in certain amount of time vanishes, and in time you'll end up losing as much and keeping yourself healthy as well.

    They say that a good workout twice a week upkeeps your shape, thrice or more improves it. So, put that twice a week in your regular schedule, and whenever you feel like your shape could use some improving, do periods of one or two months with more than that. That's what I'm trying to go for.
  7. Do yourself and favor and buy this book (or at least do some research and see what others had to say about it).

    Body for Life by Bill Phillips.

    You will lose weight the right way-- by exercising regularly and by eating balanced meals. It worked for me, but I had to change my life style.
  8. Benjamin Strange

    Benjamin Strange Commercial User

    Dec 25, 2002
    New Orleans, LA
    Owner / Tech: Strange Guitarworks
    I don't know anything about losing weight, but I hear running helps.

    I could use some tips on gaining weight though.... stupid metabolism.
  9. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!

    Running is considered a cardiovascular exercise. It's great for the cardiovascular & respiratory systems... (heart & lungs)

    BUT, you said gain weight... What do you mean? You could just go on the Super-Size-Me plan,, I'm sure THAT'll put on some weight... OR, do you want to add muscle mass?

    Each's persons goals are very personal, & unique to THEM. But, if I'm reading you right, it sounds like you need to lift & back off on the crystal-meth! :hyper:
  10. johnvice


    Sep 7, 2004
    I hear ya! When I hit mid 30s I had a major change of metabolism and started packing on the blubber like there was no tommorrow. When my waist line, which was 34" in college, hit 42" I was desperate as nothing was working!

    I hired a personal trainer who set me up on an diet and exercise plan. 30 days of following his instruct exaclty, my waist was 38"...today it's 35" !

    My trainer's program BioPhase is available over the internet at http://www.LarryScott.com

    I would be curious to the exepreinces of other bass players who lift weights to stay in shape (barbells that is, not 8x10" cabs ;) )

    While free weights give better results I find that they put to much stress on my forearms. Hence, I prefer machines.
  11. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    more likely Savage :D

  12. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    Yea, I hear ya... I'm so busy running around, keeping all 4 of the kids on course w/ thier respective functions, I don't really have time for me, these days... Tho', I do work get a work out, just helping train the kids...

    16 year old - the wrestler, trains at least twice a day.
    15 year old - band girl. (They played from Pres Bush before the NRC, some of you might remember. They got straight 1's at Marching contest... Something like 15 years running.)
    14 year old - basketball player, is completely OCD about basketball. (
    13 year old - we got a break here, she's into ballet & only goes once a week.
  13. Vox Populi

    Vox Populi Reggae Loving Honkey

    Jan 27, 2004
    Poulsbo, WA
    You can do a little something I call the Auschwitz Diet (I know, it's horrible, but it's a good description for this diet).

    Only eat 215 calories a day, and run. This isn't good for you, but my cousin did this, and lost like 100 pounds. Maybe he ate a little more than 215 calories per day. but you get the idea. Basically become a controlled anorexic. I'm sure it's horrible for your body to do this though.

    Also, one tip that really helps: NO SODA! Soda is so bad for you, half your weight is probably from drinking soda.
  14. TVD


    Jul 14, 2004

    No, no, no! I won't do anything crazy stupid like that. I want to do this thing right. I don't expect results overnight, but i do want to be able to see steady progress. Trent
  15. Vox Populi

    Vox Populi Reggae Loving Honkey

    Jan 27, 2004
    Poulsbo, WA
    Yeah, it's a little extreme. My cousin was way overweight, that's why he did it.

    But stop drinking soda, that is the legitimate advice from my post.
  16. DirtDog


    Jun 7, 2002
    The Deep North
    +++++++++++1 - it's so simple it's stupid.

    I've tried everything BUT the above over the last several years - workout like a maniac, but not change my diet; change my diet but act like a slug; or just doing neither. Only recently did I try both....and voila. Significant weight loss. (From an all time max of 245lbs to a reasonable 200lbs in only a couple of months).

    Now, I say it's SIMPLE, but it's not EASY. I had to rethink my entire lifestyle and my relationship with food. Whenever I got stressed or depressed, I'd cuddle up to some carbs. And beer...And....And...

    Even when I was competitively racing mountain bikes, I fooled myself into thinking that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted since I was training so hard. How many serious competitive cyclists do you know with a beer-belly (besides me?).

    Someone once said to me that repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting a different outcome was one of the definitions of insanity. I believe that to a degree - maybe not insanity, but definitely delusional....

    so what major changes in consumption did I make?

    1. Cut out almost all alcohol consumption (beer being the biggest)

    2. Cut out a lot of bread and cereal consumption (down from 6-8 slices of bread a day and 2-3 bowls of cereal to 1-2 slices of bread and 1 bowl of cereal a day).

    3. If I couldn't do any serious training (cycling, running, skiing, weightlifting, etc) on any given day, I would get out for a 45-60 minute brisk walk - EVERY DAY - often even when I DID do a focused workout. Amazingly simple. Plus I met a lot of the neighbors in the neighborhood I just moved into.

    4. Had the support of my wife - for support, encouragement and, yes, a bit of accountability.

    DD - now with the new and improved "cougar-like frame".
  17. cgworkman


    May 14, 2004
    I agree 100%. Check out www.bodyforlife.com and get his book.

    It really works!

    On your off day you can do and eat what you want. this is a tremendous help for me and I'm sure many others.
  18. You can sort've treat your exercise or workout like part of your practice schedule that's how I think've it ( Like part of your music schedule )
    But whatever method you choose to think've exercise set small realistic goals first
    ie: Must be able to not have chocolate for 3 weeks if your a choc'-oholic as an example by setting small goals that are realistic and overcoming them will help with your motivation towards your ultimate task which is whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish
    This is sort've like music in a way incorporate that discipline into exercising

    Anyway good luck and burn rubber :hyper:
  19. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    For me, "The Zone" was an effective eating plan. I never felt like I was dieting. I lost weight like crazy on that program.

    I agree with the soda suggestions. I gave up soda on a dare from my son in July 2003. At that time, I was drinking at least three one liter bottles of Pepsi every day. It was supposed to be for a week, but I never went back. I started dropping pounds immediately.

    In case you are wondering, I went from 316 down to 275. I am a big person, so I can carry the 275 easily.


  20. The reason that I'm posting is because this is somthing very real to me!!!!!

    I've been going through major metabolic hell and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Unlike your self I'm a diet and exercise fanatic, but over the last 3-4 years (I'm 42) I've been getting injured more and more and putting on massive amounts of wieght in my off periods even though I'm eating clean.

    Finnally my new doctor caught somthing in my blood work and later they found that I have a pituitary disorder that bassically made my homones that of a 90 year old. Iv've started a drug theapy and its working wonders.

    Mine is an extream case and not saying that you have what I have or need replacment therapy , My pittuitary doesn't work period!

    But heres what I found out:

    As we age our metabolism slows down. Why? Our bodys slows the productiuon of HGH in the pituitary.

    Less HGH = less lutenising hormone= less testosterone.

    Lower levels of these male hormones = less muscle mass and more fat .

    Less muscle mass means a "smaller engine" so you burn less calories every day.

    Solution 1st I would get a check up at your doctor if you haven't in the last year, its just a good Idea!!! Have him check your testosterone and hgh. igf-1 levels just for kicks. Usually they don't run these and if your low supplementaion will help a great deal.

    2nd you can boost your normally declining levels by eating properly and exercising regularly.

    Get a book called the Zone system..... its lowish fat, slow burn carbs and healthy protiens. Its a good common sence diet that says eat 5 meals a day, protien the size of your palm and twice that of grains and vegies. its simple stupid to follow and it works. there is clinical proff that eating this way will stabilize and boost your hormones .

    3rd, join a gym., ...its a fact of life you are getting older and you need to do somthing to preserve your muscle mass.

    I hope that this helps.