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  1. Im looking to buy a new (to me, possibly a very nice used bass) around Christmas and im looking for suggestions

    i mostly play what would be considered bar tunes or jam music, a lot of variations on the high end of the neck, so i was thinking about an extended neck, maybe 24 or 25 fret,

    also i play mostly with my fingers and with my pawn shop P-bass i tend to slap the pickups a bit too often and get the click sound.....i was wondering if that was just a p bass thing or if theres a better pickup settup out there.

    and finally something that has a lot of on board tone control so i dont have to play with my head after every song

    open to any and all suggestions, price limit should be somewhere right around 800-1000 (im selling off a couple of my old guitar amps and a couple of my guitars to fund this)
  2. The pickup slapping probably has more to do with your technique than anything. You shouldn't have to dig in that much unless you want the clack. Also, since you're playing bar music and jam music, I'd suggest going with a 5 string bass. This will give you a lot of flexibility when you're moving around the neck. It will allow you to move across the neck rather than up the neck, and you can play difficult keys easier. 24 Frets is standard on most guitars that have the EQ features you're looking for. I would suggest looking at Ibanez BTB and SR series.
  3. thanks for the suggestions, and yeah, i figured the clack had more to do with my technique, either way, anyone else have any suggestions?
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  5. i do like that carvin, i had a carvin custom shop guitar back whne i still played the six string