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ok my main jazz question (lol)

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Zanyman42788, May 23, 2004.

  1. Zanyman42788

    Zanyman42788 Guest

    Apr 15, 2004
    Ok, ive asked alot of questions about my jazz V, but here is i guess "the question".:
    What can i do to my bass to make it sound more vintage (without actives) and more like jaco without any hum. What can i do to make the B more... resonant? will this bass absolutly never have a good sounding B? If my bass cannot have a good B, is it possible to make the rest of the strings sound "jaco"y. I would really like that sound out of my bass more than any of the punkyer sounds which sound really trebly. I am looking for a deep punchy sound from as many strings as i can get it from. I am willing to change my technique to the way i need to to produce this kind of sound. will haveing a bad ass II bridge give me any advantages? will fender vintage noiseless 5 string pickups give an advantage? will new tuners give an advantage to my sound? if those pickups wont give me the sound im looking for, would anybody have any idea on wut other pickups i could think of getting? Would refreting/re boarding my finger board make that much of a diffrence. i know that jaco used a rosewood board for his sig bass and my current bass has pao ferro. would it be possible to install smaller more vintage fender frets without a gap? I use rotosounds which i am happy with, but if anyone has any idea on other strings that might help in my quest for deep punchyness, please add that as well. keep in mind that i can spend money on mods, but not a new bass. Mostly because, i like the feel of this bass as opposed to other-non fender basses. i even like the feel of this better than other fender basses. but along with feel, ide also like sound. also, aside from sound.... those ashtrays look nice, even though they only make them for 4 strings, is there any way to find a 5 str version or have one custom made or something? they look really fancy pantsy. (lol). also, would haveing through body stringing installed help for the tone im looking for?

    Im sorry for bringing all of this upon all of you who read it all. Thanks for reading this far, and i thank you all for takeing the time.
    thanx again!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Zanyman42788, Jaco's sound and signature tone is from a vintage defretted Jazz bass...........how on earth can anyone expect to get that sound from anything other than a 4 string, Vintage rosewood, defretted/fretless bass...............then there's Jaco's technique........ many are still trying to emulate that.

    Take a listen to some of my playing and see if there is a tone you like the best. I'll tell you exactly how to get it. I use all Jazz basses 4 & 5 string..... well on about 7 of the 8 songs on that album...........but technique is about 90% of the equation.


    Back For More
    Standing In The Dark
    Dream Within A Dream
    Never Let You Go
    What's Her Name
    I Can't Slow Down
    Slow Long Ride

  3. Zanyman42788

    Zanyman42788 Guest

    Apr 15, 2004
    i agree very much treena. I like the sounds you get alot:) what kind of pickups to u use? are they just stock fender pickups that u get that sound on comeing back for more? thanx for the reply btw. It's not so much that i'm looking for the "exact jaco" sound, even though i really did make it sound like that, but i really dig that sound out of jazz basses. I think im going to go with some dimarzio ultra jazz 5's and see how those work out. i heard a clip of those and really liked the way those sounded . but if i did happen to get a bad ass II bridge what advantages/disadvantages would that give me given that it's installed properly. also, is putting in vintage frets on out of the question seeing as how i have medium jumbos on it?
    thanx alot!!

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    Like Treena said, you won't be able to get the Jaco tone with a fretted 5 string, but you can get close. Changing the pickups will have really change the tone a lot. I would buy a pair of Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pickups. They have a high output, and are noise free.
  5. Sonorous


    Oct 1, 2003
    Denton, TX
    instead of removing your medium jumbo frets and putting in different ones... remove your medium jumbo frets and put in some kind of wood paste filler to make your bass fretless.
  6. Zanyman42788

    Zanyman42788 Guest

    Apr 15, 2004
    ok i orderd the dimarzio ultra jazz5's. befor they come, im thinking of possible wireing mods... i want volume/pan/tone. but i also want series/parallel. would i be able to put series/parallel into the pots, or is it a 1 or the other type of thing?