Ok, need that string name by color again, but this time length is included!

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  1. The yellow string is a solo gauge string of ???

    And when I put it side by side with a new Spirocore S36w, it was about an inch longer. So does that mean it's a 4/4 version?

    My question is what is the yellow string and why is it longer than a standard Spirocore Weich?

    (The picture shows exactly what the purple string is, but what is the yellow string and why is it longer?)


    IMG_0123.JPG image.jpg
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    Same tailpiece end and everything?

    I feel like the Spiro solos I have run a bit long generally compared to my 4/4 weichs (S42W set) but I honestly can't remember.

    It shouldn't be much of an issue though.
  3. The purple string is 3/4.. the yellow is ?
  4. If it's red at the tailpiece end and yellow at the scroll end, it's probably a solo gauge spirocore. I don't know why it'd be longer though...
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    Jul 10, 2015
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    I would assume 4/4 for the solo because that's the most common size they sell but I don't really know.

    The package you showed us is for a 4/4 weich string.
  6. And any Thomastik double bass string starting with an S in it's name is a 4/4 size string. So the OPs Weich string is a 4/4.
  7. Oh crap you mean I've been using 4/4 strings on a portable double bass?

    Well I'm not sure what happens when you use 3/4 and 4/4 strings but then man, the yellow solo gauge string is longer by an inch than the 4/4 purple Spirocore!

    Good lord.

    So if I want to rebuy the yellow strings, I should buy 4/4 Solo Spirocore set, Correct?

    Would there be any advantage or disadvantage to getting a 3/4 string set now since I've apparently been using 4/4?

    This may have been explained before, but now I can't remember sorry. I think it would just mean I'm going to cut more string off so it doesn't wrap around the post as much.

    I'm not good either the physics of string length and what it does with tension or feeling.

  8. The length difference on my 3/4 and 4/4 Spiro Weich is about three inches (8 cm).

    Spiros and Superflexible are the only strings that I know (no idea about Flexocore) that are made differently. Others are simply longer, but Spiro 3/4 have more mass per length unit so that on a different scale they get the same tension. (The same string at the same pitch on a longer scale has higher tension.)
    In the USA most dealers only stock 4/4 Spiros and Superflexibles which give you less tension on a 3/4 scale instrument than intended by the manufacturer. So Spiro Mittel 4/4 are close in tension to Spiro Weich 3/4 when used on the same instrument.

    Once I bought a Clevinger EUB that came to Germany with a US bassist that went back and didn't want to take it with him.
    There were Spiro Mittel on it, but I didn't know which ones. I assumed 3/4 because it has a 105 cm scale, ordered Spiro Weich 3/4 to get lower tension and ... Got almost the same tension as before.
    Lesson learned...

    If you haven't got my string tools yet, download them from my Dropbox. Specially the Excel file might help you.
    Dropbox - Talkbass
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  9. Great, I will download the tools!

    Basically I want the the tension to be pretty easy. So I guess if what I have is 4/4 purple Spiro right now, then It sounds like I should buy 4/4 spiro Solo strings to keep a loose tension. If I understood correctly.

    But I'm assuming the difference of 3/4 or 4/4 Sprirocore solo strings isn't as important because I'd be down tuning them to 440 regular E/A/D/G.

    The only thing I do know is that this instrument I use does not like tension. So I should use lighter strings if possible. Plus I like being able to play fast on the strings and Spiro-Solo's allow me to do that.
  10. If you want to go lower tension with Spiros, the 4/4 Spiro Solos downtuned are your last option. There is even a low C# for your five string.
    But Spiro Solo strings have less tension on he lower strings than the Mittel or Weich strings relative to the high strings. Check the numbers!
    3/4 Solos will have approximately the same tension on the high string as your 4/4 Spiro Weich but less on the lower strings. Big don't believe me without checking the numbers for yourself, I'm not completely sure and didn't check numbers now.
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  11. Ordered 4/4 5-string set Spiro-Solos (including the low C# which will be down-tuned to Low-B)