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  1. I want guitar like pickups for a short scale bass I'm making myself... So far I'm considering buying two WSC humbuckers and hot rodding them with a ceramic magnet... The question is... how many more humbuckers like the WSC ones are there out in the world?

  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    huh? :confused:

    that's a heckuva p/u setup there. Somethin' like this then?...


    I'm the wrong guy to ask. I ain't a big fan of multi p/u setups

    Given the name of the project ("shredder"), I'm guessin' you're
    after a sort of nasty tone? . I would go for a couple of RioGrande
    Powerbuckers or DiMarzio DP125's. MusicToyz.com has the R/G's
    and I found an online Japanese store that has the DiMarzio's --
    With the DiMarzios blade poles, you would have less concern
    about string spacing, bridges. You probably wouldn't need a
    preamp either since the D/M's are so dang hot

    Then I'd add a 5-way switch from GuitarElectronics.com for each
    pickup -- no vol, no tone. The 5-way would give you a boatload
    of combinations; single + h/b, single + single, out of phase + series, etc.

    but that's me :D:rolleyes: