OK...Now it's time for someone to put this bass up for sale...

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    Because I just ordered one similar to it from Bass Central.

    I present the evidence:

    1) 1999 - Ordered a Demeter VTBP-201s preamp from Bass Central. They were widely available used before I had the funds to buy one. As soon as I got the cash, the used market dried up. I'm talking about a 3-4 week period I did not see a single one for sale on the net. I purchased through Bass Central, and the next week there were 3 for sale on eBay.

    2) 2001 - Purchased a MTD 535 Norm Stockton finish from Bass Central after seeing one on their site that they had sold the month before. 1 year wait for bass to be completed. Fast forward one week. The original bass I had seen on Bass Central's website that had piqued my interest went up for auction on eBay.

    3) 2005 - Purchased Bergantino mini-stack from BC. HT112 and EX112. The very next week a mint condition HT112 and EX112 were up for sale in the TalkBass classifieds for a killer price.

    Don't get me wrong. I love dealing with Bass Central. Beaver and crew are wonderful people, and several times Beaver has gone ABOVE and BEYOND in his customer service. I can't say enough good things about them. It just seems like I have some weird used gear karma or something.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. :eek:
    That bass be SMOKING HOT! :hyper:
    Lets hear some audio when you get that baby!!! :cool:

    heres my experience...

    During my search for Grabber basses, this happend many times.

    Way back when, I spent ages trying to convince my parents and sucking it up doing chores etc, that I needed a new bass, and they'd be paid back, etc. The market for the G3's in the UK was pretty good at this time.
    Fast forward. I finally have the cash. Not a single G3 in sight.
    Suddenly, a Grabber pops up. BOUGHT!

    A few more G3's come on the Bay, and I scream. several good condition etc. arrgh. Since I'd used all my own cash for the Grabber, I had a go again at trying to get a G3... Not such luck.

    Fast forward again. i've saved and saved.. yet.. nothing. Zilch. Havent seen a G3 in months.
    hold on! this looks amazing! AND OHSC! little did i reliase the *ahem* state of the bass when I put all my hard earned cash down on it... still love both my basses tho!

    Typically, as I was saving for my trace amp... guess what comes around? yup. G3s. arrr! :D
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    I have a sick one. I had $1200. I waited 2 weeks for a cool bass, and after no luck, I bought a Modulus Q5 for 1150.00. 2 days later, I found a Sadowsky Tokyo on the Dudepit board for 1175.00! :mad: