ok please be nice i'm new. p-ups for bass ...shape and tone.

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    Apr 13, 2002
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    Hi i just started on bass and i've been reading in the threads here and there, but i don't get some things especially on p-ups for bass. i know somewhat the p-up shapes, but what tones are characterised with what shape? and how do preamps fit in with bass vs on a guitar? i know this is a different instrument with it's own way of being approached to playing than a guitar with it's own characteristics and in so trying to keep this healthy attitude i am trying to learn all i can, so if you guys would be so kind to give me your insight in this area of p-ups i would appreciate it. in advance to all who post i want to say thank you. again, i am new, so please be nice, and please don't hate the guitar player.:)
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    Dec 11, 1999

    The Precision pickup is that shape to balance the strings, some think it does some think not.

    Also the P bass pup is a split single coil wired as a humbucker.

    These contribute to the sound.

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    The Jazz bass has two single coils but when you have both on they act as a humbucker.

    Guitars have a simple tone control(s) that rolls off treble so it's 'flat' full on (actually it's not and changing the cap value can make the instrument brighter/duller).

    Passive basses normally use this system. An active bass will normally have a treble and bass knob (separate or stacked) with a centre click. This is the flat position-back off to cut and dime to boost.

    Some basses have a mid knob or switches or passive options/backups. Some basses have a parametric mid.

    Active basses tend to 'honk' for a better word whilst passive basses are warmer or duller.

    I personally use a bass cos I like it regardless of how many pups or electrics.

    Hope this helps.