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  1. I replaced bass parts on my band's demo, after the original bassist left the band. So here they are. There are some non-MP3 files in the directory, and I dunno what they are. The two tunes end with .mp3. I used my Lakland Joe Osborn for one tune and the 66 P-Bass for the other.
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    Jul 11, 2001
    well.. I am not fond of the Vocalist's voice, but the song as a whole was somewhat pleasing to listen to.. I Enjoyed it, bass sounds good... It was all pretty nice.. but again the voice just sounds swallowed...
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    I DO love the voice of the guy.
    Very tasty bass parts too. The tone fits perfectly. Great fill-ins.
    I'm not fond of the electric guitar though, but I like the acoustics.
    Excellent recording. Very pro.
    I downloaded them and I think I'm going to listen to them pretty often.
    You have that Springsteen vibe going on in.

    edit : I listened to the 2nd one. I'm sold. I love soprano sax.
  4. Always Tasty!

    I dig it!
  5. Awake is a cool song. I don't hear anything wrong with the voice. He has a soulful but reserved approach. The whole thing has a mature and sophisticated presence.
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