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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by geolikezik, Jun 3, 2018.

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    Mar 13, 2016
    I didn’t find any review about it on TB so I thought I would share my impressions...
    The Okko Cocaine is the Okko Coca’s big brother. Bongomania already did a review of the Okko Coca which I think can also apply to the compressor part of the Okko Cocaine. The aspect that incited me to get the Okko Cocaine was the peculiar compression design and its potential area of applicability. Indeed, it seems to make the quietest notes louder instead of the loudest notes quieter.

    I generally use compressors as always-on for volume homogeneity (string evenness) and the aspect that often frustrate me is that, though a well set compressor may allow for some dynamics, it still restrict (my) expressivity room when soloing as it will inevitably end up choking some of my desired peaks. Not being concerned by peak limiting, I made the compromise (dixit Bongomania compression compromises) to go for string evenness and expressivity room and ... the OKKO Cocaine fits the bill. The outcome is a homogeneous baseline volume, an increased sustain and the ability to play above the threshold without any apparent volume reduction.

    I would describe this compressor as transparent with a smooth action, I presume inherent to optical compressors. I could not detect any loss of low or high, in fact it seems to fatten the tone. The Okko Cocaine also features a preamp with bass and treble controls to further sculpt the sound post-compression; and an independent boost control coupled with a (boost) tone control that act on 2 preset bands of frequencies (mid or full). There is no blend but like the other compressors I own, I have never felt the need for it. Neither is a led indicating whether the compression is active or not, not a problem (anymore) for me as I am getting used to feel compression instead of seeing it. As a compressor alone, I would find the price a bit high but with the added preamp and the separate boost, it easily justify the price (for me).

    Hope it helps.

    Disclaimer: I regularly use several other compressors, I am not a commercial and I am not endorsed or affiliated to any brand.
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