Old 1974-1978 Ampeg 8X10 Fridge

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  1. Hi All,

    I recently bought a used 8X10 fridge from a music go round for $299.00 works great
    paired it with my Ampeg PF-800, however I just found out it is not as powerful as the
    more current Fridges, its only 240watts I am understanding? I have owned another Fridge
    before this one and on the back plate there was a few 1/4 inch inputs on this amp I have
    its 1 1/4 inch input.

    Anyway I read some threads here that this cab would pair very well with
    an Ampeg V-4B, is this the combination you guys would recommend? I love the tube sound
    and looking for a nice head to match this cab, compliment it. It sounds fantastic, looks like
    a few of the speakers have been replaced too while the other 5 have that bar smoke yellowish tint
    to them.
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    Sounds a great idea to use it with a V4b. I have a 1975 V4b and use it with an Eden 8X10LXT but I did have a really old CTS driver 240 watt SVT 8X10. Some stupid idiots set fire to the garage block it was stored in.:-(
    It was a really great cab, so bright in comparison with the higher power handling duller sounding eminence version.
    Check that the new drivers are the right ones to match the originals or maybe the newer looking ones are a recone.
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  3. Ahh I will do that. Thanks a ton. What would the cab sound like if the speakers are not a match?
  4. JimmyM

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    I have a flatback 810 from 73, and I've used it many many times with an SVT and have never blown a speaker. As long as you use your ears and the gray goop between them, you will be fine with a PF800, although I do also recommend a V4B :D
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  5. One more question, seeing that the 8X10 is only 240watts could I also run my Ampeg Portaflex PF115HE Bass Cabinet on the other output of my PF-800 for sh#ts and giggles?
  6. JimmyM

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Nope. The 810 is 4 ohms and the PF800 has a 4 ohm minimum. Adding the PF115 will drop it down to 2.67 ohms, which is a no-go for the PF800.
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  7. Ok thanks for info JimmyM.
  8. johnpbass


    Feb 18, 2008
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    I gigged a 76 V4B and SVT810 (the 240 watt slant back towel bar version) for about 12 straight years back in the mid-70s/80s. I still say it was the BEST tone I've ever gotten from my amp rigs!
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