old Ampeg 810 cab question

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  1. About when did Ampeg STOP using the "four-pin" connection on the 810 cab? Also, were the "speaker-out connections" on the SVT HEADS ever "four-pin"?

    After doing a search, I've read posts stating that "four-pin" cabs should be immediately converted to 1/4". But what if the HEAD has "four-pin" (and I have never seen one that was), should it be converted?

    Bassically, should the whole rig be made 1/4"?

    Lastly, is there a possibilty of having a head with 1/4" and a cab with the "four-pin"? Is this a bad idea? Help.
  2. If you do convert it, why not go Speakon instead of 1/4"?
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    Mar 11, 2002
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    i had a '73 V-4B cabinet that was equipped with the 4-pin connector. V-4B heads are 1/4 inch, and ampeg supplied the proper cable to run between the head and the cabinet, correct me if im wrong. had i planned to keep using the cab, i would have swapped out the 4-pin in favor of a 1/4" jack, so i wouldnt get stuck using a specialized cable. AFAIK SVT heads were never equipped with 4-pin speaker outs. if you have a rig thats 1/4" out on the head to 4-pin input on the cab, i think the easiest route is to change the 4-pin to 1/4", as i stated above.
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    I think the earliest SVTs ('69) used the 4-pin connector.
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    From what I remember, only the cabs had the 4 pin connector.

    I had a an SVT 810 & the connector broke on me when I brought it to re-test with my head. I went looking for about 2 weeks for that connectore w/no luck & converted it to a 1/4" input
  6. Duly noted. But I've already been threatened with violence just over that mere possibilty.

    Thank You for sharing this.

    I think I've verified this.

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks!