Old baritones and 6 string basses...Danelectro, fender, etc

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    I always wondered what the difference was between the danelectro baritones and the fender 6 string bass (the one that looks like a jaguar). I heard that the fender is actually a bass while the Dano's are guitars that just have a lower sound (and different tunings) however I've seen pics of The Who and Jimi Hendrix Experience bassists use 6 string dano "baritones" live as a bass..so i'm kinda confused. Any ideas?
  2. A baritone is usually strung from B to B, like a seven string guitar without the high E. The Fender Bass VI used standard guitar tuning (E to E) but was an octave lower than a guitar, like a 4-string bass with two extra higher strings. There are other companies currently making bass VI style guitars (the Schecter Hellcat, for instance) and some baritones, including a lot of Danelectro baritones, can be tuned this way as well. There's a bass VI club here on TB that has quite a bit more information if you're interested.

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    The original Danelectro production had both models. The Danelectro six string bass was their first bass product. It is a six string bass, short scale, and was tuned E-E. Danelectro made a baritone guitar also, and that was also 29-30" scale, but was tuned B-C. The pickup and bridge placement was slightly different for the two models. Both used guitar style tuners, so they could use either string.

    The new Danelectros are the same, with the exception that the 6 string bass can be either a bass or baritone, but the baritone CANNOt accomodate the bass guage strings so it cannot be a bass.

    Al Ciaola used a Dano six string bass as his main guitar for all the western soundtracks he did. But it was a bass, not a baritone.