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Old Distex 'sugar scoop' cabs...worth a ****?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Rwm8088, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Rwm8088


    Nov 17, 2006
    I DJ at a night club part time, and we ended up clearing out some stuff in storage, for the outdoor rock gigs bands did in the 80s when the club was the only place to go, and some of the stuff went to a warehouse 20 miles away... I went back and started picking through the stuff, and found two of the biggest, bulkiest cabs I've ever seen, made by Distex. THey have 2 15s (Could be 18s, doubt it tho) mounted in the top, and a scoop in the bottom. Needing some low end quick, I lugged one of these things (no casters on them) to another club, and set it up... The damn thing sounded TERRIBLE... then I found out the speakers had been replaced with Peavey Scorpions... I was wondering if whith the proper set of speakers if these would be any good for bass, or were they designed to be a mid-high cab. I can't find any info on them ANYWHERE online, they don't seem to be too common. I've got a Peavey 4x12 cab modded for bass but it's worthless at high volumes, the low end resonance disappears. If these are worth anything for bass, I'm going to trade the owner of them some work for the two cabs. Any opinions on or experiences with these?:meh:
  2. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    Welcome to TB! I'd say they are not worth it, unless maybe you have somebody to help move them, every time. Even if the boxes are tuned low enough for bass you've got to replace the speakers and that will cost more than buying a new sub. I use the Yamaha 1x18s, look for some used ones if you're on a budget.

    But, if you really want to mess with them, tell 'em they should pay you to haul them away because they will not be able to find another buyer.
  3. Rwm8088


    Nov 17, 2006
    Thanks for the welcome! I actually found this forum a year ago, while researching Felix Pappalardi's bass rig... I was trying to get a sound similar to his, but couldn't quite get it, so I searched and searched and found this forum. It's been quite a help, a wealth of info.

    Moving these cabs wasn't much of a problem, they're a foot or so shorter than me, stick out about 3 feet, and weigh a little les than me (I weigh in at 210lbs) and having a long-bed F-250 helps move them. I can get Peavy Black Widows or Low Riders (I prefer the Low Riders) reasonably cheap, as the club was put together with nothing but Peavey stuff, 12 Peavey amps, 27 peavey cabs, (the guy that originally set it all up was an authorized Peavey servicer... guarenteeing he'd have business in the future I guess) and we get massive discounts when ordering anything peavey. They're not great, but they work for me.
    THe only problem is I don't know what freqs these damned things are tuned to. They're really not built like bass cabs, don't have any batting, no tuned ports, just a vented enclosure with a huge scoop. I really can't see them being designed for mids either. I guess i'll end up slapping some BWs in one, and trying one out.

    WOrking on building a 2x18 cab, I brought in my p-bass and hooked it up to the club's PA when I first started, and ran the 18" BW subs only. All 6 of them. After that I'm determined to go with a couple 18s.
  4. Scoops are so... Last Century.

    If you are doing DJ work, a small herd of bass horns (Tubas) are just the ticket for getting the Deep Down.

    Huge bottom does not come in small packages, so use several manageable size bass horns to do the job.

    Tuba 36 is the bad-ass big brother for reaching all the way down. The T30 is a bit smaller and not quite as extreme. Both of these blow the doors off old scoop boxes and 2x18 boxes.

    Bill offers a different line called the Titan series, but these are oriented toward live sound, not DJ work. The Titan does not go down as low as the Tuba, but is more efficient above 40 Hz. It all depends on what you need. The Titan is more user-friendly to move around than the Tuba because it is upright and occupies a smaller foot print.

    I use a 27.0" wide Tuba30 and it is a big boy by itself. The almost cubic shape is a hassle for a one-man move, and the 27" width is too big for narrow doorways.

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