Old friend gets his ass kicked karma style

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  1. So this guy I use to know (Michael) who was dating my old best friend (a female) cheated on her with another girl who I have known for years since high school it was huge scandal in which my female friend walked in on them having sex in her bed. This guy is completely unable and unwilling to control his sexual urges, and in the process he hurts everyone around him.... friends... girlfriends.... their kids... his own kid.... because he cant keep his cock in his pants and stop trying to **** everything he sees.

    So fast forward years later to the other day.... he goes on a double date with this new girl he's been dating and his friend with his long term gf...

    His date gets up, goes to the bathroom....
    His friend gets up, goes to the bathroom....

    Michael thinks this is odd so he gets up and goes to the bathroom.... sure enough the two are in the bathroom together and he hears his girl say something like "*giggle* but you have a girlfriend" and the guy (his friend) says "I don't have a girlfriend" and blam they start making out.... Michael see's and hears all of this...

    He just yells out "OOOKAAAY, I'm leaving.. " and walks out... she gets all psycho (of course) shows up at his house, sleeps out in front of his door until 6am.. ect....

    I just wanted to share that story with you all because it brings me great relief to know that this guy finally got what was coming to him... I find it hilarious....

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    Ya lay down with dogs ya get up wit' fleas.
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    I, too, enjoy when "karma" is reduced to petty schadenfreude.
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    I keep saying that my wife never has to worry about me cheating on her. I can hardly put up with her sh!t. I cant imagine putting up with it from two women.
  5. Reading the OP's disjointed writing style made me realize how badly I need to quit writing like that.
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