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  1. Rwm8088


    Nov 17, 2006
    I bought this thing off Ebay, honestly because I wanted the pickup and cover. I have the same version of this bass sitting in pieces, except it's a short scale, and I raided the pickup and cover for another project years ago. I got this one and decided to fix it up a bit and play it, because it's a 34" scale... which from what I've seen of the old japanese basses, is pretty rare. There's some rash onn the front of th eheadstock where a logo plate once scratched and rubbed, but it's long gone. THe only thing printed on it is the legend "Made In Japan" on the back of the headstock. Single-coil PUP, chrome everything, sounds pretty good with the aged, rusted, crappy roundwounds it came with.
    Sorry about the pictures, 2mp crappy digital camera in poor lighting (the night club I DJ at). Does anyone know who the hell made this thing? I wondered when I got the short-scale version years ago, never figured it out.


    The squiggly blue bit on the headstock is reflection from a neon beer sign... needed all the help I could get for light.

  2. "Hellifiknow" ;)

    Bump. :)
  3. Winston TK

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    Oct 8, 2001
    Burnaby, BC Canada
    That looks suspiciously like one of the earlier Aria Pro II models that appears in the Aria Pro II topic string on this forum. That would be my guess. Check out the pics in that string, especially on the last few pages, and see if you agree.
  4. DerekG

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    Mar 9, 2006
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    I can't believe I'm seeing this photo. This is exactly like my very first bass, bought used for $35 in 1970. It's since been defretted, refinished by a high school friend in 1975, and not played for 25+ years, but I've attached two photos of if for comparison - I never sold it!

    Note that the tuners are the same. The pickup, pick guard, bridge cover (just set on top as i took it off a long time ago), controls, etc. are the same.

    The neck plate says "STEEL REINFORCED NECK" and "Made in Japan" and is bolted on with 5 screws.

    I've never known the original maker of this bass as there was never a brand name on it.

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  5. It's an early Ibanez (technically Hoshino Gakki). The Hoshino names weren't on the early models to avoid any Japanese connotation, which was seen as poor quality. Later, Hoshino came up with the name "Ibanez" largely because it sounded spanish and avoided those connotations. Here's some others in the same family http://www.fatdawg.com/earlyibanez.jpg
  6. Rwm8088


    Nov 17, 2006
    Couple more things I forgot about (it was right around midnight last night when I posted that) it's got a chromed metal truss-rod cover, and a metal bar instead of a string tree. No 0-fret, and the bridge is the 2-saddle. The bridge cover has a bit of glue smeared under it, where a piece of foam padding once resided. The foam is gone now, except for what's imbedded in the glue, but it's the same stuff that was under the pickup. Body's not plywood either. There's no sign of the Aria decal on the headstock, nor on the short-scale version (Took a look at it this morning before I left). If This bass was made for Ibanez, I'd guess this was the quality version, being a long-scale. I used to see them on Ebay off and on, no names on any of them, the sellers calling them Tiesco/Aria/Kingston/Kay Japanese/Russian/Czech basses... nobody seemed to have any idea what exactly they were selling.
    The short-scale neck has the "Steel Reinforced..." sticker on the back, almost rubbed off.
    The short-scale has a bolt-on with 4 screws, this one has a 5-screw bolt-on.
    It sounds pretty good, thinking it sounded better before I replaced the padding under the PUP and put the pole screw back inline with the holes in the PUP cover. The PUP had slid down below the holes... sounded more even somehow. Might go back and undo that little repair.
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