old speaker would it work.

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  1. A buddy gave me about 80s early 90s, Blackwidow 1201 speaker with the medal dust cap., it came out of an old PA cab. Its in good condition and heavy as heck. I have an old bass cab for 12in speaker. Would this be a good speaker for bass as maybe a mid wolfer . and would sound alright added with a 15 B&C speaker 300 watts. In the old days I have use 12in Blackwidows for guitar. only numbers i could find on it was 1201-8ohms and on the back it had serial number I guess 161849. Thanks to you all
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    The 1201 was made for PA mains, used with separate subs. It would be OK for guitar, excursion is too short for bass. The only twelve with good specs for bass is the 1205.
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    Should have great high-end.

    If used with bass frequencies. Then it be good efficiency for simple 60/80 watt combo.

    Otherwise yes high passed it be good mid.

    Actually I paid alot money for brand new pair of 1201 back in the day. Made vocal only pa speakers. No tweet fullrange 12 inch only. Good efficiency sounded really good actually. Aside from simplicity of it.
    No crackle and covered loud loud band for vocals. Less feedback problems no tweet. Nobody complained about the highs seeming lacking.

    Should be data here=


    Peavey used that driver in 2 cubic feet
    Tuned at 80hz. Ideal for pa use. Likewise good for midbass using same 80 hz high pass. Reflex barely gets touched. Offers additional speaker protection. Vent is just basically thermal vent.

    For fullrange bass. Probably use 1.8 cubic tune to 50 hz. Lower tuning to work for bass. Not to low not to high. Just right at Fs think is about 50ish

    If don't want deep bass from it. Then normal QB3 probably work. Which I'll assume tune higher above FS. Say 65 ish Hz. Probably similar volume or smaller 1.6 to 1.8 cubic feet.

    It be okish to tune high and lower volume. Better Power handling. just don't expect super lowend. More ideal for mid. If you actually high pass it box can be smaller
  4. Thank all of you guys, talking to you guys I don't want to mess with it. I was talking to a friend and he ask me what I was going to do with it. He wants to put in some old guitar amp he has. I told him I might use it for my bass as another cab. So after talking to you guys I am going to see him next week. I just going to give to him because I just don't need it now.