old video but finally uploaded it!

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  1. this is an old one of me-done August of last year. It was the second time that I ever played with a band. The night before (my first time) was also filmed but in poor quality-was done with camera phone. This night was done with a video camera. Yes, I did mess up at the end of the first song..some what..The band has a way of ending the song, and I wasn't sure exactly where in the song (Walk Softly). The guitarist had a way of going on and on with his solos, and he failed to tell me his signals..lol, until after I got done with the second song. It was the bass player of the band (who was filming) who signaled me to do the end part. Not a big deal for me cause it wasn't the whole song. The second song is Goodbye Time and I think I did better that night then I did tonight when I played..lol! :scowl:
    The rest of the video is the band without me...

    This is the Savannah River Boys...with BassGirl sitting in!:p