older 1990s PV TKO115 vs Ampeg BA115??

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  1. I need something just for practice at a friend's house and have found each of these amps for sale at about the same price. Which would you choose? I like peavey reliability and the graphic EQ, but the ampeg is much much newer. I'm not going to gig with it, just jam.

    Thoughts? I play an Ibanez 5 string with some effects (DS-1, wah, delay). I will be playing mostly metal/grind/hardcore stuff with these guys. I don't need earth moving power, just enough to be heard at a reasonable volume.

    p.s. anything larger is out of the question, the jam room is at the top of 3 flights of stairs in the attic!
  2. Duke21


    Nov 14, 2010
    Narvik, Norway
    The BA115 is a nice particle amp. Just listen to them and see what you like best. The BA115 is very solid, my step son "abused" one before he switched to EBS T90 head and 4x10" cab. He never had any issues with this bass combo. The Peavey is quite impressive as well, never owned one, but I've heard it during a small outdoor live gig. It managed quite well with small PA support.
  3. IMHO the Peavey would be a fine amp if that was all you could afford. If the Ampeg is the same price I'd go with it. I owned a Peavey combo 300 that was pretty cool, and didn't sound half bad, and they (Peaveys) are very solid and dependable. The Ampeg just sounds better in my opinion.
  4. I have used the BA115 and I own a Peavey TNT. My observations.

    Either is a good choice.

    Peavey is loud and takes a lot of abuse. I'd suspect it would take longer than Ampeg to run out of headroom. (As well as the TNT I have a Peavey Mk IV head that I have owned for over thirty years. It's been in for repairs two or three times during that lot and still going strong).

    In terms of tone I prefer the Ampeg because I like old school type sounds, but I think the Peavey may be more versatile. You may find it does your particular sound better.

    Never actually picked the Ampeg up, but I can tell you my Peavey is rather weighty. So if lugging is an issue, lift them both before you buy.
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    Nov 14, 2010
    Narvik, Norway
    An other nice option (which is not as cheap) is the new Ampeg CL micro which will be great if you like Ampeg tone.
  6. cool, thanks guys! I'm going to go check the Ampeg out. I know peaveys are reliable, and I own/have owned several, but I think it's time to try an Ampeg.

    Thanks again.
  7. It's really hard to beat an Ampeg for tone. Remember, they were the only name in bass amps for quite a while back in the day. Even going back to their really old 15" open-back-with-a-slant cabinet with only about 25watts of tube power, their amps always had that nice fat 'Ampeg' tone that many bassists, especially jazz players, insist on. The Portaflex b15 from the '60s was everywhere for a long time...used by electric and upright bassists.

    If you are looking to peel the paint off the walls with slap and thumb playing there are better choices, but if you like to own the bottom, Ampeg is the one.