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Older Begginer Needs teacher

Discussion in 'Jazz Technique [DB]' started by Ronzb, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Ronzb


    Oct 7, 2005
    I just bought a EUB (seems to be 3/4 scale) in hopes of learning
    some bass. I would like to start out with a teacher but don't know
    how to reach one here in the Catskill Mtns of NY. I know there
    are plenty of great musicians around the Woodstock area but...
    But how do I find a bass teacher- can't go to the yellow pages!
    I've been reading this forum and joined it basiclly in hopes of finding someone within 50 miles to help me get started.
    (Having learned several instruments in my lifetime- and having
    attended Manhattan School of Music in my youth I know all the problems/pitfalls of learning on ones own, relearning bad technique etc) so I really would like to aproach the bass methodicly.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    PS: I know a EUB is not a 'real' bass- something to get started on because I know I'll be driving to lessons if I can find a teacher.