Older G&L LB100?

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  1. I was in a local shop yesterday and was looking around when a G&L caught my eye. I picked it up and messed with it for a few minutes. First time I've ever played one of them. The owner didn't know much about it, but I figured it to be a older one. 3 bolt neck and the plastic looking bridge that the old G&L basses had. He said he wants $600 for it. It played pretty well and had a few dings here and there. Obviously it's hard to get a price estimate on something you can't see, but does anyone know if that's what they go for? The neck on it was a damn baseball bat also haha. Kind of liked it in a weird way. I've tried looking up some info on them but all I'm finding is the newer LB100's. Sorry the post is so vague but don't have pics of it unfortunately.
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    Was it maybe the G&L Legacy bass? This preceded the LB-100 model
  3. Pretty sure it was a LB100 but you may be right. It had P pick ups on it.
  4. Legacy had a P style pickup as well. Here's one that sold on Reverb

    G&L Legacy Bass (LB-100) 1992 Natural Ash
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    $600 for a nice older G&L sounds good to me. They are fine basses. And yeah, their necks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Black bridges stopped somewhere around '91.
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  6. Cool appreciate the input. Yeah it seemed pretty good. I didn't get a chance to plug it in, which I will before I buy. From what I played it was pretty nice though. Thanks for the reply.