Older Markbass cabs.... HQ line - anyone know anything?

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  1. Hello

    I've been offered a local trade for a Markbass STD 103 HQ cab, older silver markbass logo, no orange on the cones.

    Using the search facility on here I gleaned this from an old thread from 2003...

    MarkBass 103HQ Standard
    Impedance 6 Ohms
    Power Handling 600W RMS (AES Standard)
    Crossover frequency 2.5 Khz
    Weight 26 Kg
    Height 610 mm.
    Width 586 mm.
    Depth 478 mm.
    B & C Custom Neodimium Woofers
    Two 1/4'' Jack + one neutrik
    Variable tweeter level control situated on the left side
    Professional handles
    18mm high quality multilayer poplar
    Metal corners
    38 mm Rubber Foots
    High Quality crossover
    Black Felt covering
    One B&C compression driver with custom horn ​

    so my next question is given the specs mean very little in practice - is there anybody here who has a clue what the thing might actually sound like? Anyone used these older "HQ" range of markbass stuff?
  2. I'm thinking this is older than when Markbass stuff got over the atlantic and onto talkbass' collective radar....
  3. I used one once, Probly around '04/05 & I think it was a 410. From what I can remember it sounded good. Then it was quite amazing to lift it with one hand.
    I think it was with a yellow 450w MARK BASS amp.
    Sorry I can't help more.