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  1. WOO HOO!!! Dug out my old tape deck [an analog device for playing casettes kiddies] had to open it up - against the many warning lables advising not to- and replace the ....get this kids..the fat rubber band that drove the motor!!! now it's whirring away as I listen to old country stars like Burl Ives , and Jimmy Martin!! To make you kiddies proud I WILL be converting them to MP3..if' n you wanna hear REAL MUSIC I can let you know when my library is going strong ! Next I'll tackel the Vynal ; Igot some from this cool guy named Jimmy Hendrix!!!
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    Feb 11, 2008
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    I think I still have a few hundred vinyls and tapes sitting around just waiting to be mined. :)

    And some jazz 78s I got from my old man. Plus some of that new fangled stuff from Jimmy, Jimi...Jimmay!
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    I say this as someone who found their way back to vinyl a couple of years ago....YAY!
  4. Still have a "thing" for those old Quadraphonic 8-tracks....Nothing compares to >>CLUNK<< right in the middle of a song !! lol . When I yard sale I keep an eye open....