SOLD Olinto La Bella P, Shoreline Gold over Sunburst, cool provenance!

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    Up for sale is a sweet 2015 Olinto La Bella P bass!

    I’ve wanted to try an Olinto for a while, and I’ve been suitably impressed with this one…for a passive instrument, it’s certainly not lacking in output, although the output is even, string to string.

    The cool provenance is that it was owned by bassist Derek Frank and used on the 2015 Shania Twain Rock This Country tour. While that doesn’t make it worth more, it’s neat (to me).

    Anyway, the reason I’m selling is that it’s got a 1.75” nut, and although I’ve never thought of myself as particularly picky about nut width and fingerboard radius, I’ve apparently developed a strong preference for my U shaped J 1.5” necks. So, I’m moving this along in my quest to acquire a Fender Custom Shop P with a Jazz neck.

    I bought the bass directly from Derek, who stated that this was his favorite recording P bass out of 5 or so.

    Other details…it’s equipped with a Hipshot D-tuner, and comes with a hybrid nylon soft/hard case. Condition is, well…it’s a relic. It plays amazing and is consistent all the way up the neck. The only mention of note is a divot or two in the fingerboard around the 15th fret (pictured). I find it hard to believe that it would have come with any relicing of the fingerboard, but who knows.

    $3599 PayPal shipped CONUS, or $3499 PayPal Friends. If you like P basses with 1.75” nuts, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

    Thanks for checking it out…

    F1BBBFDA-EA54-492E-ADEE-22FFE39AD2D6.jpeg 10CC50D2-ED54-4DDB-B351-2A717796DB21.jpeg DCF9AEDC-34F0-481D-9CFF-4E3EBD7ACFCA.jpeg 65B8B684-5BCE-4017-98B8-ABE5A60D3364.jpeg FA38AE96-1607-4136-ABA4-1AB0E2A5ACC9.jpeg 86C0AB81-1DBC-4840-ACF9-0DB3875EDD15.jpeg 1EC057C8-50E9-413F-82B9-6E8FA1DBE395.jpeg 35025ACC-CFDA-438B-B073-551C58844F86.jpeg 4678E8D1-AA77-4B06-8895-56562FFF7483.jpeg 8C43D12E-AF00-4AD7-8EE2-38F00875EE1B.jpeg 27EFE1E7-80C0-4AEE-AE89-D8393FC35BDE.jpeg 9AD493D3-D2CA-4A3E-8AC5-F531D5FE76AA.jpeg
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    Like always, you have the GOODS:)
    If I didn’t just buy a bass this would be coming home!!
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    Cool bass..GLWTS
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    Congrats on the sell!!
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